NC Mountains 2017

We spent more time with my brother & his son than we had literally EVER! We all drove up to the mountains with my mom Sunday, July 1 & stayed overnight for more family adventures.

We started off with mini golf:

We got milkshakes at Cook Out - oh, how I loooove their chocolate malts! - so I tried to find some life balance while the kids swam in the hotel pool...

We ate dinner at family fave, Makoto's, and finished the night at the outdoor drama, Horn in the West, which I hadn't seen since I was Annelise's age:

We spent Monday at our family fave, Tweetsie Railroad:

This was the first time we were allowed to ride up in the front of the original Tweetsie engine No. 12. (Tweetsie actually has 2 steam engines that alternate the workload. When we became friends with the train engineer, he told us to come when the other engine, No. 190, was running, because the cab is big enough to allow these special engine rides. Now that the kids are older and he knows us so well, this is the first year he's trusted our safety to be able to ride up front in the classic No. 12! It's kind of a big deal! And YES, it's much smaller and tighter up front!)


  1. Love me a Cookout milkshake - caramel cheesecake - yummo!!!
    Love that y'all get to do some of the same things with family year after year!


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