First Cheer Comp of the Season

Annelise had her very first cheer competition of the season on Saturday in San Antonio: American Cheer Power Halloween Holiday Championship. She leveled up this year and is flying on a level 2 senior team, Heat! I love how much more dynamic the level 2 stunts are and that she can finally legally throw her back handsprings in their routine. :-) There’s *nothing* that compares to the joy of seeing your kids SHINE!!! Heat placed 2nd - a solid start with definite room for improvement, but truly amazing so early in the season!

Heat = ready!

Opening pose - Annelise up in the lift behind:

Hurdler jumps - all up! Annelise is the blonde ponytail one row back, slightly right:

Basket toss coming down:

Liberty extension:

My *FAVORITE* pic - hitting the end of their pyramid! I love how high & STRONG!!! Annelise left flyer:

Final JOY:

(We can’t post a video of their complete routine until the end of the season, but it’s undeniable how much more powerful this level is than last year’s!)


  1. Love the energy that's so evident in these pics!! Great job, Annelise!

    My 14-year-old (that cheers at school) did her first full Liberty a couple of months ago - looked really cool : ) (Then she fell out of one in practice a couple of weeks ago...basically landed on the mats on her side. I wasn't there, but had specifically prayed for her safety during cheer practice that afternoon, so I told her that God's angels were there to catch her that day! Thankfully she wasn't hurt at all!)

    1. AMEN!!! So thankful for her safety & God’s protection!!!
      I don’t know why I only very rarely gasp when Annelise falls out of stunts. ??? I really just completely trust that she’s in God’s care, b/c there’s literally nothing I can do to help. Why I can’t adopt that attitude towards EVERY ASPECT of our lives?!?!?! 🤣


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