Last Couple Weeks

Catching up on the last couple weeks around here:

Beyond gorgeous. She fills me with joy. 9/23

Atlas strong at PiYo! 9/25

So thankful for a BFF who loves random adventures! We expanded our cultural horizons at this gorgeous Hindu mandir that's just a short drive away. The whole thing is gorgeous - the most intricate carved marble, completely put together with no steel: each piece of marble merely set together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was very welcoming. You leave your shoes in a holding room before ascending the stairs to the main worship area. If your shoulders & chest aren't covered (like if you're in a tank top) they give you a wrap; if your legs aren't completely covered, they give you a long skirt to step into before entering. Everything is well-labeled for easy visitor reading, and there was an old man there who decided he was going to be our tour guide, just because he was nice. :-D He followed us around half the building, explaining everything. On the other side of the complex, there's a self-explanatory exhibition that you can walk through and read the history of Hinduism and India's influence in the world, along with a shop next door that has a lot of cool food items in it, as well. I love learning about other cultures, and I especially love how learning about other faiths strengthens my own. 9/28

Singing Sunday morning!!! "Show us Your glory, let every burning heart be holy ground" 10/1

Bonnie Blue beagle gave us a scare: she got out of our backyard fence this afternoon! She's not chipped, but she has our # & email on her tag. She's 15 1/2 (!!!) & doesn't always hear well; driving around screaming her name felt fruitless...but we did it, anyway. :-/ We couldn't just wait & do nothing. A super sweet family emailed & called: she was just two houses down, as our back fence line goes; but their house is actually in a whole different neighborhood. (Our streets are like mazes!) We had to drive over to get her. SOOOOOO THANKFUL!!! And B? She was bouncing around like a puppy, acting like, "Oh hey! You came over to this new party, too!" when we showed up. :-P Thanking God for this sweet family, that B was safe & happy, and that we had her home with 5 minutes to go for me to leave to teach PiYo!!! WHEW!!! 10/2

I made it (post-dog drama) to teach PiYo ..and my PiYo peeps made my night!!! There aren't words for how amazing I felt afterwards! Check out our killer tricep connectors:
Hands down (ha!) the most challenging move I've ever taught!!! 10/2


  1. Fun to see what's been going on with y'all - and SO happy you got Bonnie Blue back!!


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