Bubble Tea & the Friday Rat Race

I swore I wasn't going to do this, again. Fridays from January-May were nuts for us: I had to leave MOPS early at 11:20, Annelise had tap at 11:40, I left her there with friends to pick up Will at school at 11:55, and raced back by the end of dance at 12:10. It was only an hour of craziness, but it stressed me out and made me feel like I was already chauffeuring middle schoolers! I promised myself I wouldn't do that, again...

But we are. It's not *as* bad: I can leave MOPS just a few minutes early at 11:30, get both kids from school a few minutes early at 11:40, and get to tap for the new class at 12, but I am going to try very hard not to let myself get worked up by the ticking clock. Having punctuality as a virtue can also be a bit of a curse when it turns you into a hysterical banshee if you're 5 minutes late.

So today was:

* MOPS - I love those women! It is so relaxing to hang out, eat a hot breakfast, & commiserate with other moms, kid-free.

* The kids' Montessori fall music program - it was sweet, but Will & Annelise are each in different classrooms; both programs started at the same time, and since JB is still on the way home from his business trip, I had to run back and forth b/t the classes. I messed up and went to Annelise's first. I thought since she was younger, she'd "need" me there more. Nope. Will is our super-sensitive soft heart, and when I got to his class 5 minutes into their songs, he was almost in tears, b/c I wasn't there. Rip my heart out. Annelise was happy to see me, but really couldn't have cared less. Duely noted for future reference.

* Annelise's first day back at tap this fall - it was fantastic to have our old dance class from last year back together! It's almost all of the same girls from her last class & recital, which rocks b/c all of us mommies have become friends, too. It almost functions as a standing playdate afterwards, which is nice.

Everyone had plans today, though, so the kids asked if we could go to bubble tea for lunch. I'm never that hungry on Friday at lunch after my giant MOPS breakfasts, but I can never turn down bubble tea. We get our bubble tea here at Joy Yee Noodles - the best pan-Asian food I may have ever had in my life. AMAZING! They have the most delicious chicken pad thai, and then we get a GIANT mango tapioca freeze for all 3 of us to share at the table. (It's like 3 servings for the price of 2. You know the mongo margarita glasses at Mexican restaurants? It's served in those! :-P)

Will and our waiter buddy:

Daddy's girl:


People are always asking me, "What IS bubble tea?" Here are a few links that explain it more completely than I can: this one and that one

People usually either love the tapioca balls or hate them. I love them! They taste like honey-flavored gummi bears. They're just fun! At Joy Yee, (and most places,) you can get the drink part as tea or a fruit smoothie. Joy Yee just blends fresh fruit, ice, and a splash of simple syrup in theirs - it's way healthier than ice cream or coffee drinks! Of course, I prefer the "worse for you" tea versions: black tea, milk/creamer, simple syrup, and usually another flavoring. My faves are almond & taro. Taro tastes like a cookie! Creamy sweet cookie-flavored ice tea is what I'm drinking right now!

If the tapioca balls freak you out, you can get all of the smoothies & teas w/o, but PLEASE try it just once! Be adventurous!!! (And call me to go with you ANYTIME!)


  1. it's so awesome how you stay busy and do fun things with your kids when your hubby is out of town. you are such a great mom to keep life going when he has to work!

  2. THANKS, Honey!!! For me, it is SO not a choice! I *HAVE* to say busy, or else I won't move off the couch. I can sink into sad isolation quicker than I realize, so I'm extra proud of this last week - full of happy *me* things. :-)


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