Cheer Success, Football Bust

Our first regular season youth football game was yesterday. Our boys suffered a gut-wrenching loss, [Will - our defensive x-factor - didn't register even ONE tackle! :'(] but my cheerleaders DID THEIR JOB! They gave our fans something positive & exciting to focus on, even when things on the field didn't go our way. (That team we played went to the Turf Bowl last year - probably the best team in the league right now, so the loss isn't the worst. Better to lose now...and beat them in the playoffs! ;-)) Seriously, the girls were fantastic - confident, focused, and enthusiastic! I can't tell you how many compliments I received from football families who were blown away by their spirit. That is *HUGE* - they've never had a cheer squad like this on their side, and I think it really helped lighten what would have otherwise been a dismal tone.

Even our halftime dance to "Surf's Up" from the new Disney Teen Beach Movie was super cute! (& the opposing squad didn't have a dance ready, yet! :-O What?! :-P ;-))

Ready to rock out next week now. I'm personally confident that the girls really have our 30 cheers down, so we can focus on the new dances each week this month. [And praying our precious boys shake off the ghost of yesterday and charge ahead with fresh focus & resolve!]


  1. That's a shame about the team's loss, but it's good to hear that your girls did so well!

  2. Your cheerleaders look so cute!! Glad they had a good start to the season - and I'm sure the boys will bounce back well!


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