Status Update

Three days of me...

Wednesday, Sept. 18th:

That moment when God works something little out that was really weighing on you - probably more than it should have been - but nonetheless, He fixed it, b/c He cares about our tiny burdens as much as our big ones. He's that big. ♥ (I was stressed b/c I lost an important list, but God took my day = found it!) ~8:30 AM

Treading steadily to stay above water... I'm suddenly overloaded with a ton of obligations - all for things I'm passionate about (cheer, Zumba, etc.) but they still must be handled. Newest happy responsibility: I got picked to be Will's class mom! YAY!!! Annelise was sad that I'm not hers, again; but I reminded her I wrote on the PTA sheet that I wanted to be Will's 1st choice & hers 2nd, b/c I didn't get to go to any of Will's parties & stuff last year, since I was running hers. She *did* make a point of saying, "So next year you'll be mine, again, RIGHT???" ;-) I was so spoiled last year, though: I had a co-mom who wanted to do ALLLLLL the organizing, paperwork, etc. I did all the in-class stuff: substituting, parties - it was heaven! Now I have do menial stuff like type up the class birthday address list on my own = wah wah... :-P Why can't people write legibly on data entry forms??? ~10:00 PM

Thursday, Sept. 19th:

A first: missed trash collection by 30 seconds. Kids & I ran 30 seconds down the road w/ our trash bags. Old chicken would not wait until Monday's pick-up. :-P But we made it! (A pic would've been hysterical! :-D) ~8:28 AM

Also, sliced the meat of my thumb wide open as I chopped cantaloupe for Will's lunch box. Thank goodness Annelise could get the bandaid & neosporin ready for me. :-) Grasping tight & pulling on a yoga strap may not happen right now... :-P Time to bliss out in Yin... ~8:29 AM

Knocked two more big to-do's off my list! *AND* had amazing lunch at Thai Cottage w/ a BFF! *AND* my kids are thrilled to have playdates. *AND* I get to celebrate another new BFF's bday tonight! ~5:12 PM

"Girls night" ~10:12 PM
[Happiest bday to the redhead behind me! :-)]

Friday, Sept. 20th:

I. Am. Exhausted. Just beyond. But I wouldn't trade the most fun convos last night at a RARE Girls Night Out celebrating our BFF's bday for anything! ♥ Today: I got my kids prepped for their Student Council election speeches before school, I must take a required security training for my gym, I need to choreo a new Zumba routine, I need to coordinate 15 cheer things (handling $ stresses me out! :-P), I've worked out an AWESOME surprise that's going to make the whole squad think I'm a super hero tonight :-D, I refuse to wimp out & miss my strength class this AM, and at some point, this girl deserves bubble tea ;-) ~9:13 AM

God had very different plans for today than I initially thought: I hauled over to strength class - not early, but not late - & it was so packed, I couldn't get in to take the class! So my BFF Donna & I just sat in the steam room & vented literally & figuratively instead. God slowed me down. Then, b/c she had another hour before a mtg, we hung out & chatted over bubble tea, instead of me rushing home to work. God slowed me down & used her to lift me up. When I *did* get home, I got down to cheer business, organizing everything with our late uniform pieces I just picked up & finding an upbeat way to tell everyone how we'll handle cheering in the rain (1st major multi-day rain we've had in MONTHS right now). God slowed all that hoopla down, too: 8 minutes after I emailed the squad re: how to deal, the league canceled all games tomorrow. This *NEVER* happens! :-D So not only no game tomorrow, but no cheer practice tonight, either. [I *am* so sad about missing a game tomorrow, though!!!] ~3:18 PM

Annelise won her 1st Student Council race!!!!! Will barely lost his (4 boys ran - heavy competition; the winner used POWERPOINT! whaaaa?! we'll bring it next year! :-D ;-)) but he's not the least bit disappointed. He said he got to do it last year, so it's cool for someone else to get a chance. ♥ I told him how awesome that was and that the coolest part of all this is just being brave enough to stand up in front of your class, give a speech, and let new friends get to know you better. :-) So proud of BOTH of our kids!!! ~5:53 PM

[I'm *STILL* in limbo over NO FOOTBALL this weekend! #floatingaimlessly ;-) :-D :-P]


  1. Sounds like a full but fun week! Hope you find an amazing way to use the "extra" time this weekend!

  2. Losing a list? I have the perfect (free) app for you: Wunderlist. I am a listmaker, and this thing is a *dream* to use. You can have multiple lists, make notes, prioritize is awesome!

  3. Thanks, Tracey!!!

    Heather, that was the problem! :-D It was someone else's paper list that I still needed to type in. :-P It was shoved into my cheer bag at practice. ;-)


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