Teacher Appreciation Week Histrionics

We will not be following the school's daily PTA-suggested Teacher Appreciation Week themed things next year, unless my kids prep each day A WEEK IN ADVANCE. :-P I am *not* up for tears over an intricate turquoise Rainbow Loom bracelet that didn't turn out (after giving up on sewing bags with turquoise fabric) & the ensuing drama after 8 PM b/c, "BUT TOMORROW IS TURQUOISE DAY!!! I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TURQUOISE TO GIVE!!!!!! Do we *sniff, sniff* have blue food coloring, *sniff, sniff* so I can make an apple tart & dye *sniff, sniff* the apples blue?" No, child. Make a card with turquoise markers & GET IN BED! :-D

Our school did a different color theme each day of the week this year, and I LOVELOVELOVE the dress-up spirit aspect!!! But I couldn't convince my kids that it REALLY WAS ok to give a yellow gift on Tuesday, even though yellow day was Monday. *eye roll*

In the school's defense, the daily color & gift suggestion list was sent out a couple weeks in advance, and TRULY, there was NO school pressure to participate. It's just my crazy daughter who prepares NOTHING ahead of time & then flips out when she can't do something that's above & beyond. :-P She is always OBSESSED with her teachers! :-) I don't fall into the Pinterest parent one-upmanship trap, so that's not an issue - our token gifts come from Will & Annelise, not me. And the suggestions weren't asking for much - like replenishing supplies: a highlighter on yellow day, post-its on turquoise, black sharpies on black & White day, etc. (Teacher Appreciation Week was supposed to be small stuff; they encourage a class gift card or bigger thing for teachers' bdays.) Or you could buy absolutely nothing & just write a card. My beef is just with my nutball daughter who always wants to do this huge - like sewing projects & dyeing baked goods - but doesn't get in gear until bedtime. ;-)


  1. So funny - I could see that Annelise was being a bit 'nutball', as you said, but had to laugh because I think I saw myself like her as a kid (and maybe even now...)!

  2. So as not to implicate any child of mine of who might have similar tendencies, I will just say that I feel your pain!! ;) And,that, in my experience, God tends to only give us ONE of these precious personalities to parent ;)

  3. I won't say that I've *never* fallen into that trap, myself, Elaine ;-) but I'm definitely better about it than I was as a child! :-D
    Thanks for commiserating!!!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one, Tracey! ;-) And it's the same here - Will could not possibly care less! :-P


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