New Cheer Uniform Photo Shoot (Fail?)

My first initiative when I was elected to take over as our youth football league's cheer director was to update our uniforms! We'd had the same design forever...and it was awful. Every team had a huge white background on top with their team name in one color - no style. And who chooses WHITE to be a main color on EVERY uniform in the league? For little girls on dirty football fields and many with nasty, staining post-game snacks??? My goal: on-trend look and as little white as possible!

My squad was the first to max out, so we went ahead and ordered our squad's uniforms in the new design, so we could take some pictures and actually have something to advertise with! ...But the one day we could get together & do a photo shoot back in April backfired on us: the weather was horrific! Cold, crazy wind - we literally got *ONE* useable shot, without all pained grimaces or blowing hair totally covering faces:

Our photographer came to the park by our house a few days later to reshoot a few of just me & Annelise for a magazine story (which, after we scrambled to get ANY pics, we never heard back on; oh well, at least we got a couple cute posterity shots :-P)

So, yeah. Pretty much a bust, unless we just need pics of me as VP of Cheer, because you can't see the complete uniform design (esp. the skirt detail) in any of them. :-P (This is my personal flaw when working with professional photogs: I always give total creative freedom to call the shots, b/c I believe they know more than I do and that they have a better eye...but as the daughter of a professional photographer & with quite a good eye myself, I need to speak up a little. ;-))


  1. They are cute pictures for sure so that turned out well at least you can frame a few.

  2. Love those uniforms - so cute!!


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