Aerial Yoga + Zumba News

Annelise & I did aerial yoga together over Christmas break at my new little boutique gym! It's fun, but it's also really empowering. You feel like you're figuring out & conquering a puzzle as the instructor walks you through, step by step:

I essentially taught a Bikram Zumba class there last Tuesday morning. :-D We calculated that we sweat out SOOO MANY extra calories in the warmth - it was kind of amazing!!!
(The a/c went out, and we just powered through! I didn't realize how intense it was going to get, but we made it & felt amazing afterwards! PS - it was 80°F outside!)

So, this weekend brought changes, again, at my other (big corporate fancy) gym. I'm trying to only look at the positive, but my Thursday class there is cut. It's not a personal reflection on me whatsoever - they cut one of mine, one of the other main girl's, and completely cut two other Zumba instructors altogether, who each had one class - so I think they want to funnel the Zumba people into a few bigger classes, instead of having so many options that aren't filled; but to find out the day before these changes go into effect via a mass schedule-check email? :-( I truly don't mind only having one class there - driving into the city can be stressful & I'm good with just once a week - but having zero would be so sad, b/c of the personal relationships I've nurtured there over the last 4+ years, and I think I felt like having two classes was a bigger buffer between that & zero. It could very well be that corporate is trying to move away from anything that is not their signature format, so since Zumba is not their brand class, they're trying to pare it way down; I would completely understand that, as well, but I don't like the way nothing is explained, no head's up given. I'm TRULY ok with this change, b/c I can clearly see that it's not a personal reflection on my performance, since it was across the board, but I'm disappointed in cloudy the way changes are handled.

On the bright side, as if it weren't already, it's shiningly apparent that God set me up at this new little boutique gym these couple weeks before this change, expressly so I wouldn't be as bothered. Always thankful for His provision and the special moments when we're able to actively see & recognize it!


  1. Wow - that aerial yoga looks cool!! Your positive attitude and trust in God to manage your schedule is an encouragement as always!!!


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