End of 5th & 7th + On to Both Junior High

Annelise graduated from 5th grade on Wednesday:
[Awful pic quality! I was so far back. :'(]

And on Thursday, we bid adieu to 7th & 5th grades:

Sad? NOPE!!! Will is ready to relish every second of his favorite season; he does well in school when he gets there, but he doesn't love it. (I really have to be on top of his summer electronics consumption, though. He would have no problem gaming 6 AM - 10 PM nonstop daily. #maddening) Even Annelise, who famously bawled her head off every last day of school, b/c she never wanted to leave her teacher & friends is more excited for sleepovers with me, baking more, cheer all summer, & reading the Harry Potter series. :-) She was a little upset when she thought about going to junior high without over half of her friends, (half our elementary goes to the junior high Will's been attending the last 2 years, & the other half goes to another; the dividing line is a road that the majority of her friends live on the other side of,) but I'm still praying that God will make a way for us to buy a home in the next year in that other junior high area, so maybe they'll be reunited! (We *lovelovelove* Will's current junior high!!!!!!! But we'd prefer him to go to the high school that this other junior high is zoned for, so a move for the 2018 school year would be ideal across the board.) She is super pumped, though, about junior high in general.

*I'm* excited to have them in the same school for one year, again. That was my entire grand plan for us having children: I wanted them to be 2 grades apart in school - not 3 - so that they'd get this one junior high year together. Will & Annelise are 20.5 months apart; my brother & I are just 26.5 months apart, but I'm among the youngest in my class (July bday) & he the oldest (Oct bday) so we were 3 grades apart in school. After I finished 5th grade, we weren't in the same place, again, until my senior/his freshman year of high school... and that really changed our relationship. *Not* that we would have hung out together at school or had the same friends at all, but just by virtue of being in the same building & sharing the same overall school experiences, it creates an additional bond, another connection. By them only being 2 grades apart, they get 3 of the next 5 school years together, and that was my #1 aspect of our family planning! No joke! :-D


  1. Somehow, over all this time of reading your blog, I didn't realize that Will is only one grade below my younger daughter!! Can't believe he'll be in 8th grade! Also hard to believe that both of mine will be in high school in the fall. :)

    1. Both in high school... It's hard for me to imagine, but I know that I am actually so close, too !


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