Welcome Summer: Clean, Cheer, Gym

Welcome summer vacay!!! How does yours kick off? We started after their last full day of school on Wednesday with the declaration that until they clean the playroom & each of their bedrooms completely - nothing piled in corners or under their beds, every stitch of clean clothing hung up, and every toy & outfit they're unwilling to wear or play with at my behest in a donation bag - there are NO ELECTRONICS. #bestparentingpractices Will was done by Thursday afternoon. :-D The best helper? An old CD from VBS 7 years ago, High Seas Adventure! Will found it early in cleaning his room & gushed: "I remember ALL these!!!" (No one doubt the power of VBS music!!! He was 5!) Annelise is a victim of her 5th Grade Party Wednesday afternoon & cheer Thursday, but she's getting there.

Cheer Thursday: yep, on the official last day of school - a half day even - she had cheer...and she could not have been happier! There's just not a more appropriate way for her to start the summer! ❤️ She has officially leveled up and will be flying this year on our Senior Level 2 team named Heat!!! Level 2 skills blow Level 1 out of the water: now she'll be spinning in the air and thrown up as high as possible in basket tosses!!! Learning baskets, center flyer:

First full day of freedom, Friday: we set no alarms. We were ready to sleep as long as our bodies wanted, although I did hope we would wake up in time for me to go to my barbell class at the gym at 9:45. We were all naturally up by 8, so we came on to the gym early, so that Will could play extra basketball and I could do an extra bit of cardio before weights. (Side bar: barbell KILLED me! I'd been doing Mondays & Fridays since January, but I couldn't make a single Friday in May with volunteering in Annelise's class, going to The Title in Dallas, getting my PiYo Instructor Certification, & last week team-teaching PiYo with a current instructor friend to give me extra experience. Then I missed this Monday, b/c it was canceled for Memorial Day. 1st day in 11 with weights? Ouch.) Annelise had a bday party Fri morning before getting back to cleaning ;-) but otherwise, we have absolutely nothing set in stone this whole weekend! It's literally our only empty weekend this whole summer, (which is a blessing, because we don't do empty free time very well. #restless #letsgo #noplanscauseelectronicsoverload)


  1. What a great idea! I will have to keep that in mind. :) And my children won't thank you.

    We've never met in person, but from reading your blog, I can tell that you don't do well with empty free time. :)

  2. Glad you're getting some free time in while you can! :) We went on our family vacation our first week of summer. Since my 16-year-old has a "real" job this summer, we had to plan around that.

    And congrats to Annelise for leveling up in cheer!!!


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