NYE With a Dog Afraid of Fireworks

This was our New Year’s Eve: 1) The most gorgeous sunset of the year out our front door! #nofilter

2) Bailey is my 1st dog TERRIFIED of fireworks (& thunder.) We don’t know what trauma she experienced before rescue, but we knew after Thanksgiving (yes, Texans shoot off fireworks for *everything* :-D) that our NYE would be at home holding her. ❤️ Our fireworks started as I took that sunset pic...and went for seven full hours. :-D Check out our adorable tiny NYE hats!!!
Bailey stopped quivering pretty quickly & really just wanted to be held. She was totally fine as long as I was with her. Texas at-home fireworks are unlike anything anywhere else - imagine the big fireworks at your local small town 4th of July celebration growing up; now fire those out of each neighbor’s yard, usually one neighbor at a time for ~5 min each (b/c everyone enjoys everyone’s) from sunset until ~12:45. It’s AWESOME!!!!! (NYE lasts the longest, b/c it gets dark before 6 PM instead of 9 & people purposely stay up past midnight = 7 hours of action. July 4th & other holidays are usually just 9-11 PM.) The air literally still smelled like smoke this morning when I went to go teach PiYo at 8:30! :-D Bailey did NOT want to go out there this morning; but she never ran, hid, or cried last night - just stuck like glue to my lap. ❤️ Here’s to progress! :-P


  1. The dog we had years ago used to sit as close to me as she could when there were fireworks or thunder. She didn't have to be in my lap, but she wanted to be pressed right up against me!

    That's one beautiful sunset!!


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