San Antonio Southern Nationals

It was quite a weekend!!!

We road tripped with another teammate’s family, which is ALWAYS more fun than going alone. Obviously, we stopped at both Buc-ee’s (it’s a Texan institution! not only the cleanest bathrooms in the world, but cute stuff & the best snacks ever!)

As soon as we checked in, we Riverwalked to a late dinner:

And did HILARIOUS beauty facial masks before bed!!! (We all look angry, but we’re honestly just laughing so hard, our mouths are contorted under the masks! :-D)

Leisurely woke up, I worked out (yes, ma’am!), and we ran into the San Antonio Rodeo Parade on the walk to lunch:

The girls competed Saturday afternoon...and did REALLY well, landing in 2nd for Day 1! Most importantly, we were significantly better than the two biggest rival teams we’ve battled all season! Annelise flying high in the center basket:

We reveled with the perfect night in between competition performances: The Alamo, hot chocolate, bakery treats, a gorgeous long walk, hot tubbing, *more* face masks, & sweet dreams...

Hilarity: check out our BEST impressions of our girls! :-D

Sunday morning was again relaxed. (Early to mid-afternoon competing when traveling is IDEAL!!!) After working out, I went back to a bakery we passed Sat night for the BEST breakfast sandwich of my life: La Panadería’s ham, cheese, scrambled egg, & black bean torta on kamut bread! Obsessed. I saw a segment on kamut (a nutty ancient grain) on Naturally, Danny Seo a while back & have been dying to try! Beyond lived up to the hype. #needlocalkamutbread

The final competition Sunday (75% of the total score) didn’t go as well as Saturday (25%) *sigh* (FWIW, Annelise personally had a great performance Sunday! But it’s a team sport, so...) At least the pics are AMAZING!!! #lookingforthepositive There’s nothing like watching her shine in her biggest passion:


  1. I already wanted to visit San Antonio, but those pictures make me want to go there even more!! Sorry that the second day didn't go as well :( but I'm glad Annelise had a good performance!

    1. YESYESYES: San Antonio is SOOO cute & fun!!!


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