2nd Half of April in Review (+ A's Bday)

The rare moments away from my 200-hour yoga teacher training this April...

Annelise re-signed with Adrenaline for this coming allstar cheer season. They had an official signing day, which really felt special:

My PiYo classes have been such blessings: high numbers + passionate participants = joy!

April’s Yum Box is from ISRAEL! After the resounding hit Ukraine was, we were extra excited for another box from beyond Western Europe. (I wish I could type the real names in Hebrew!) The Kremli Nougat Bites were my favorite: peanut butter-coated puffed cereal bites filled with a bit of hazelnut cream = mmmm. Annelise really liked Falafel Shashi - falafel flavored puffs. Those were even more flavorful, the more you ate. Both kids’ favorite *by far* was the Strauss Popping Chocolate milk chocolate bar with popping candies. (You’d think this would be *my* fave, too, but it should’ve been dark - milk was too sweet. Plus, Trader Joe’s Fireworks chocolate bar is dark with popping candies + a bit of cayenne = my fave candy EVER. But I digress... ;-)) The Mahroum Coconut Roll is actually made in Jesus' hometown of Nazareth - it’s pure coconut. Osem Onion Bissli wheat snacks were my favorite savory in this box - super crunchy. The other savory, crunchy wheat snack this time was Oppenheimer Everything Chik Chak - smoky (paprika) spirals. The only big flop was Pistachio Halva - sesame candy with pistachios: we LOOOVE pistachio, but HATE tahini = sooo bitter. :-( We closed out the box with Pomegranate Turkish Delight - my other favorite!
[Sorry, Bailey - not for you! :-P]

Easter Sunday was really joyful, singing all 3 services with my vocal BFF:

And snuggling this precious Easter beagle...

Last week was Annelise's 13th birthday! She's become much more...teen in the last month. Bittersweet. But she is still the most loyal girl we know, always kind to others, and always looking for positivity. ❤️

She didn't want to have a party, yet, ("Maybe in a week or so?" ummmm, ok) so she just hung out with a couple friends after school. We couldn't do *nothing* though, so JB got the coolest gift for her EVER: a Harry Potter-style magic wand universal TV remote! When they get it programmed, apparently she'll be able to turn the TV off & on + change the channels & volume with different wand motions. :-D

She also opened her first checking account, as is 13-year-old tradition in this house. She was sooo proud to go to the bank and get it officially set up with a debit card:
Bring on the responsibility!


  1. Oh my goodness...Annelise is 13!!!! You've entered my world of two teenagers! ;) A belated happy birthday to her!! Love that you begin teaching financial responsibility at an early age. We try to do the same thing with our girls.


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