Christmas Week Review

(2 posts in one month! And in one day?! :-D It's like old times! :-P)

Backyard Spikeball (I don’t play, I just document...& look for excuses to take pretty sunset/sky pics :-D)

Caveat emptor: I have extolled the wonder of Krispy Kreme’s special original glazed gingerbread doughnuts at Christmas for the past 2 years. (Original glazed are my fave, & it’s rare to get a yeast-raised with uniquely flavored dough! I am firmly anti-cake doughnut: if I want cake, I’m having *cake*) A friend warned me, & we confirmed for ourselves: KK definitely changed their gingerbread recipe - they lightened it to the point where we taste NO GINGER!!! :-O #gingerismyfaveflavor #travesty They still taste good as original glazed, but there is no gingerbread. #managingexpectations #stillatethem #buttheyarentginger

When one of your truest BFFs flies in from ROMANIA & makes a point to come to your yoga class before meeting up with her TX family for Christmas! Sooo honored to guide so many precious souls, & esp. the one who flew halfway around the world to connect with *me*

Speaking of Romania, she brought us a smorgasbord of their favorite Romanian snacks - like our Universal Yums boxes we got last Christmas! The kids were unhappily surprised at how many of the chocolate treats were also laced with a strong rum flavoring!

Santa! (Later than ever, but tradition preserved)

Candlelight Christmas Eve at church

Glorious 72°F late afternoon walk (just the girls & bubble tea!) on Christmas Day along Buffalo Bayou after a perfect Peking Duck Christmas family lunch at 锦和 Duck N Bao!


  1. Love all the pics!!! We've also been enjoying some warm temps for December (though you never know what you might get here on Christmas Day!) Happy to be able to get outside, too.


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