Hello Spring Update

Long time, no catch up! The end of Feb/beginning of Mar saw a little flurry of activity, but the last month has been extremely quiet. 

Our master ceiling was painted + wood floor put in by the end of the week of my last post. We’re still sleeping in the guest room, though, because it has taken *this long* to get the insurance claim to replace our mattress. The options were overwhelming, but we’ve done a ton of research & are going to try some thing new – a hybrid foam/coil mattress. We both like plush - not firm!!! - and while I sleep mostly on my side, I also sleep some on my back & some on my tummy. We ordered it last weekend & are still waiting for it to be shipped.

Back over the last weekend in February, we were blessed to still get to do our annual Feed the Hunger Packathon! Our two-hour shift this time packed 273 boxes = 65,520 meals (2,304 boxes over 4 days = 552,960 total meals!!!) Pretty impressive numbers to achieve while still maintaining Covid safety protocols!

Will’s rec basketball season ended that same weekend with multiple games to make up for missing one week due to Covid on their opponent’s team, as well as ice disaster/recovery weeks. The league did not have playoffs this year, which was really disappointing to everyone; but at least a friend shared these pictures with me that she took of Will! (Y’all *know* pics are my love language! :-D)

*Most* joyous news: 3 out of 4 humans living under our roof are completely vaccinated! JB is the Chief of Human Resources for a group of nonprofit medical clinics, so he was actually among the first to be vaccinated with Pfizer back in December. Will & Annelise are both high risk (they don’t have exercise-induced asthma, but when they get sick with a cold or have any congestion, their lungs have an asthmatic response: reactive airway disorder = terrifying with Covid being a respiratory virus & the biggest reason why we chose to keep them in virtual school this whole year) but Pfizer is only currently approved for ages 16 & up, so only Will was eligible. Our children’s hospital messaged me directly as soon as they had doses for him to be scheduled, so Will had his first dose in early February & second in early March.
I *hatehatehate* that Annelise still has to wait, (she’s almost 15) but I have faith that the FDA will approve Pfizer for ages 12-15 very soon, so she won’t have to wait a full year.

I actually got the Johnson & Johnson single shot on March 10th (& just happened to get an appointment right with my precious friend, Roni (she used to take my PiYo; she’s also a vet tech & was there with JB for Bonnie Blue and kept Bailey for us when we went to NYC! ❤️))

Side effects: we were all pretty lucky. JB only had some brain fog after one of his doses, Will had absolutely zero side effects whatsoever after *both* of his, and I had a fever/chills the night after mine + a little bit of brain fog the next day, but that’s it. Zero arm pain, too!

Yes, we’re all *STILL* masking in public, still doing everything to keep Annelise (& EVERY fellow community member!) safe, but I am SOOO  THANKFUL that *I* am no longer Annelise’s greatest risk of exposure!!!!!!!!!! That potential weighed so heavily on my mama heart!!!!!

Random little stuff: I judged cheer tryouts + dance team tryouts for Fort Bend Christian Academy virtually over two weeks - it felt so fulfilling to be able to keep a toe dipped back in that world! (& get paid for it! ;-)) We did nothing over Spring Break the middle of March here. I watched a Japanese anime series with Annelise called Haikyu!! that she has been obsessed with - I am not a fan of animation, but I know how important it is to share something she loves so much together, and I won’t lie: I really got into it! :-D

This last weekend, Will told me that he had ordered me a surprise. ????? I had no idea what it could possibly be, or for what reason? Also, I am almost impossible to surprise - not because I don’t *want* to be surprised, but because somehow it almost always gets spoiled for me. I had no idea what this could be, totally coming out of nowhere! He & JB went to work out and run a few errands, and when they came home, Will brought in his surprise: HAIRCUT! :-D
I LOVELOVELOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t *despise* his long locks, (I generally can’t stand long hair on guys!) but this!!! THIS I LOVE!!! It was all his choice and seriously the best surprise!!!

I was honored to sing at our Easter sunrise service this Sunday:
He is risen! ❤️


  1. Oh. my. word. Will's haircut is so handsome! And I see in the Easter pic that Annelise's hair is so long and pretty!

    Glad to hear that the vaccine side effects were minimal for y'all. Hope your mattress comes in soon. We're the opposite, I think - we like a very firm mattress. We've had ours for eight years now, and I'm sure it will be time to look for a new one soon, but you're right - all the choices are so overwhelming!

    Have a great weekend!!

    1. So, the mattress so far is a bit firmer than I expected, but I'm sure that's just b/c our last one was soooo old & worn out!!! :-D


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