SC Surprise

My mom fully orchestrated a super quick mother/daughter girls trip for us over 2 nights in Charleston last week, since we’re both fully vaccinated now, and we hadn’t been together in almost a year & a half! Such a blessing to be gifted with this time, just the 2 of us...

Random trip note: I learned how to say “thank you” & “have a good day” in Bulgarian, thanks to a kind waiter: Благодаря” (blagodarya) & “ Добър ден” (dobyr den)

On a boat! #boatyoga #charlestonharbor

And of course, I kept up my daily walking with the best walk of the entire pandemic: over the Ravenel Bridge (& back :-P) ~6 miles

Speaking of walking, back home in Texas:

🎵 “And I have walked 2,272.52 miles (in these shoes in the last year!!!) and I will walk 2,000+ more...” 🎵
(Replaced my walking shoes with the exact same size & style; just had to switch over my Caterpy laces, b/c tying shoes is annoying. Overdue??? :-D The shoe store was STUNNED. But I had ZERO pain (not in my soles, heels, ankles, toes, knees) so why buy new, yet? I pulled the trigger, b/c of new bunion blisters & the foam coming out of the back of the heel. :-P)

Finally, the biggest answer to prayer: our 15-year-old finally eligible to be vaccinated!!! I cannot express the peace of mind this gives for her upcoming church camp!

Prayer requests: Will has his big training to be eligible to be hired as a coach for several local summer Christian sports day camps this Saturday, and he’s having oral surgery to remove his impacted wisdom teeth on Thursday (which is actually the last day of school, but he has no exams on the last day, so it works.) Pray for both kids’ exams this coming week, as well!


  1. Oh, girl, color me impressed - I have walked that Ravenel Bridge a number of times, but never all the way over and back in one trip!!! Glad you and your mom got to have that time together. Prayers for exams and Will's oral surgery and camp training to go well!!


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