God At Work

I am really seeing God at work for us right now! Remember how I said our Isle of Palms place had been rented & I was scouting others? Guess which vacay rental suddenly has 4 DAYS OPEN the last week of September? (And those are the ONLY available days until DECEMBER!) I hope no one beats us to the request, but I feel like God opened it up for us!

More: after stressing last week over thinking I was late to register Will for soccer, not only are we positive now that there will be no conflict b/t flag & soccer games, but we found out that Will and his BFF Jason have been put on the SAME TEAM!!! (There are at least 8 teams!)

Thank you, God, for orchestrating all this and working it out for our best! (I feel confident that He'll sort out school & Splitz for us, as well.)

I also feel like He's working in the kids' lives. For those of y'all who did High Seas VBS, remember "God sightings"? [The kids told us group leaders about their "God sightings" - some moment when they felt like God helped them (not be scared, do something new, etc.) or they experienced His presence/love (in a rainbow, a hug, etc.) - and we wrote them down on stickers & put them all on a big mural.] Well, Will is *STILL* piping up with his God sightings, completely unsolicited! Every time he says out of nowhere, "Mom, I have a God sighting," my heart almost bursts!!! Then Sis will add one, too. :-) I *love* that this has stayed on their minds. I've also noticed Will really paying attention to the words I pray before bed at night. He's started saying "Yes, God" during my prayers when I say something he wants to agree with. It just fills me up beyond words...