L’esprit Luxury

This afternoon my mom & I checked out the place I have been dying to try: L'esprit Academy - a teaching salon, so the quality is great (b/c every service gets graded) and the prices are jaw-droppingly low. (Can you believe those?!) I knew they did good work for cheap, but I was interested to see what the atmosphere was like - more salon/spa, or plain & clinical? It was wonderful! My mom & I both got mani/pedis, she also got a facial she is raving about, & I also got a haircut. (Only 4" off - just the ends. ;-) But they also shampooed & dried it! That's actually a load off me for tonight!) I am so in love with the new OPI Swiss collection for fall. I have gold Glitzerland on my fingers and pewter Lucerne-tantly Look Marvelous on my toes. I can already tell I'll probably end up buying the pewter one eventually. Lovelovelove it!

I can't wait to take Sis there one day! :-P If we're still here next spring, she'll have a princess party for her 5th bday there, and maybe now that I've found this cheap-but-quality place I'm excited about, I'll actually pull the trigger on getting her VERY FIRST haircut one day soon...maybe... (No one can hold me to that, though...) I should've asked if they have gift cards... ;-)


  1. sues - just move to the country and the salons are all those prices! :) i love my little country salon, and i pay $16 for a cut, dry and style! and the stylist is very cool (not country quaint, which isn't bad, but i'd rather have "cool" cut my hair than "country quaint." if you know what i mean. :) )

  2. You can get a 1-hour facial with massage for $25?!?!

    YES! I am 100% with you on wanting the "cool". I don't need an amazing stylist, b/c I only get my hair cut about once a year :-P but I want the people working on me to look "with it", you know? Up to date. :-)


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