Missing Mommy

We dropped my mom off at the airport tonight. :'( Will & Annelise fell completely apart - hysterical wailing & pitiful sobbing, "LaLa!!!! LaLa!!!!" Thank you, Lord, for the High Seas VBS soundtrack: it was the *only* thing that calmed them down & forced them to breathe. So much for the super cute glitter eyeliner we dolled Sis up with at Sephora earlier today. (Will & Sis wanted to go to the mall to take my mom to the cupcake store, and how could she refuse? ;-) BTW - Toasted Almond rocked! Still waiting to try The Big Oink, Fat Elvis, & Sweet Potato Pie.)

I never feel like we have enough time together or that I always take advantage of making sure every second is quality time, instead of getting irritated over the kids or circumstances. I guess that's the downside to being with someone I feel 100% comfortable & myself with - there's no masking how I really feel with fake Susie Sunshine; and the combo of her with JB & the kids sees me at my most genuine - for better or worse. :-P I love my mommy, & I know she loves me no matter what.

It's weird that her amazing homemade lasagna is still warm on top of the stove... *Sniffle, sniffle*


  1. one thing we have learned - kids and grandparents, especially grandmas are not a good idea at the airport together. we don't do that any more!!!

  2. I know that's best for y'all; we just have to agree to disagree on this one. :-) It's not happy either way, but they're old enough to rationalize with, and they understand that going with means they get to spend the last half hour with her. They seem to get more closure, and they do love the airplanes. At home, the crying just goes on & on & on; in the car, there are different distractions that don't focus on her not being there and by the time we get back to the house, we've regrouped.

    It just sucks no matter what!!!

  3. hi just found your blog, and Id love to follow .... you can do the same if you'd like. Check out my blog at narrettofamily.blogspot.com

  4. Absolutely, April! I'd love to follow each other! I love that we both have Williams, (although my Will is your Brooke's age & starting 1st grade Sept 7 - they start so late up here!) And this is silly, but I noticed your blog background is a digital scrapbooking background paper I have & love! Little coincidences! :-P


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