Roadkill Resurrected

I finally feel like I'm back in land of the living. In the span of an hour late Sunday afternoon, I felt chills wash over me and my muscles turn to jello. I morphed into a total weakling. I was surprised Monday morning when I actually felt OK, although in hindsight, perhaps it was just the rush of getting the call & appointment with the gas company and the doorbell signifying delivery of my necklace. Yesterday I fell back into the depths of cruddom. I felt like roadkill; thankfully my in-laws came to take us out for pizza dinner! Apparently that (and so many of your prayers from FB!) worked, b/c I think the bug has officially left my being. Whew.

Tonight I feel like a new creature. I went to Praise Team rehearsal at our new/old church and will be singing on Sunday morning. Y'all, I am still racing with adrenaline from practice. It was harmony-o-rama, and I was in heaven. I lovelovelove every song we're doing Sunday, and it felt soooo good to belt them all out into that mic up onstage, again! That's been one of the biggest holes in my heart from leaving NCC with our move, and tonight was a solid step in healing. All summer, I've been tearing up when we sing a song here that I used to sing there; it hurt. A lot. It was like ripping the scab off the wound, even though I've been so much happier here this summer than I ever expected. But tonight was an extra-strength flexible band-aid. :-)

Chris Tomlin's "Our God" is still driving in my heart, along with MercyMe's "God With Us".


  1. for starters, i'm glad you're feeling better! i'm also glad you're on the praise team at your new/old church. that will help feed your soul like nothing else! enjoy tomorrow!!!

  2. It. Felt. AMAZING. It feels *so good* to know that God gave me this & I'm using it for exactly what He wants me to!


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