U Glow Girl

The most fun 89¢ I've spent recently on my kids? Sally Girl "U Glow Girl" nail polish from Sally Beauty Supply! I had popped in to get the Gelish Sleek White for my French, and I saw their super cute China Glaze Halloween polish set. The Halloweenophile in me got all giddy!!! But #1 - the only polish in the set I was truly fascinated with was the glow-in-the-dark "Goulish Glow", and #2 - I don't use regular nail polish anymore!!! (Hence the whole reason I was in Sally in the first place. :-P) I was about to walk away with a small sigh...until I saw the tiny Sally Girl polish bottles - with a mini glow-in-the-dark for less than a dollar!

It REALLY DOES glow! Here's a pic of the bottle in the dark from The Daily Varnish:

The actual polish is so sheer, it's virtually clear, and it drys matte. Soooo, since it's "invisible" (except in the dark) I painted Will's toes with it, too, so he can have alien monster feet! :-D SOOO COOL!!! I was going to Gelish Annelise later this week, but this is fun for her, too! We charged their toes (& her hands) up with the brightest lights we have upstairs...and then ran into the bathroom, shut the door, & turned off the lights to see them glow before bed. :-P