Romanian Friends Visit

Talk about a BFF going above & beyond: my friend, Amy, is originally from east Texas but has lived in Romania for almost 14 years now. (She went over as a missionary, met & married a Romanian man, and now lives there to raise their family.) She gets to come back to the US about once a year...and she took the time and money to come visit *me* first here in south Georgia for a few days before heading to TX! That's a big deal, y'all.

They had come once before when we lived outside Chicago just over two years ago. It was so neat to see how much all four kids (her two, Eli - now 6 & Alec - almost 3) had grown. :-) To battle jet lag, they tried to get on our schedule right away. We had a little girl time (I Gelished her nails with "June Bride" :-)) and she (& Alec) came to one of my Zumba classes! We took them to eat at Cafe 230, Riverfront Barbeque, & Swirl Frozen Yogurt, and we all schlepped my kids to dance & baseball practice. On Tuesday, we took them to both the RiverQuarium and Chehaw zoo:

Perfectly Will (mid-faux-baseball swing) & Annelise (cutie pose) :-D

Will, Eli, Annelise, & Alec

Annelise, Eli, Will, & Alec

Alec, Will, Annelise, & Eli hanging with the gators at Chehaw

Amy & me

What animal excited us most? The wild grey rat snake that was actually in its natural outdoor habitat on the rail of the bear exhibit! :-D (It was a *REAL* snake - you know, as opposed to the ones behind glass in the reptile house that...aren't as real? :-P)


All of us on the lemur bridge

I feel very blessed to have friends who would make this effort to visit! (...And am still praying the rest of their trip goes more smoothly than their first few flights! ;-) Extra shout-out to BFF, Laura, who rode with me Sunday to the airport, so I wouldn't have to go alone at night! We need more adventures... :-D)