Radio Silence Update

I know, I know. I've been oddly quiet around here. That can only mean a few things...but I can't talk about them quite yet. (And when they're the main focus of the majority of my thoughts, that forces my blog into virtual silent mode. :-P) So y'all will have just have to stew in curiosity & keep checking back in here over the next month to see what's up with us, whenever the duct tape is ripped off my mouth. ;-) [FYI: I am absolutely 100% NOT PREGNANT, nor is that ever another future goal for us. :-)]

In the meantime, I'll catch you up:

* Will was named Good Citizen for April! It's a really big deal and funny, as he was Good Citizen last April, as well. His teacher nominated him every.single.month, and I'm so happy the honor finally came to him, again! :-)

* Annelise got through all of her phonetic reading books in Montessori Kindergarten and is now officially dubbed a "Library Book Reader". This presents a new challenge: if she reads 100 library books (they must be either Dr. Seuss or I Can Read) by mid-May, she will get a medal. SHE WANTS THIS MEDAL. SHE WILL EARN THIS MEDAL. Our local library doesn't even have enough Seuss & I Can Read to get her there, so I'm going to order a bunch from other branches & have them sent over. She is a machine: she's read 30 in just over a week and a half...

* Baseball is still our life Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday every week. We love it, and Will's team is in 2nd place. He's trying to get out of a batting funk that descended upon his swing sometime over spring break, but we had an extra practice Saturday, and he seemed to be back in his groove. *fingers crossed*

* Annelise lives in perpetual cartwheels.

* Zumba is fabulous as ever. I've kept that Friday evening class, so I'm teaching 5 every week. :-) I love how I can feel myself getting stronger! I've never had an actual, defined arm muscle IN.MY.LIFE, and week before last, I felt something oddly hard in my arm. IT WAS MY NEW BICEP GUN!!! :-D I am so ridiculously proud to go sleeveless! :-P On the flipside, insoles are my new BFFs. #ouchmyfeet

* PERSONAL TRIUMPH: I'm not qualified to sew more than a button, but I sewed an elastic waistband into my sagging Zumba pants all by myself!!! I was scared I'd ruin them, but I rocked this. My classes can rejoice - no more skipping arms to pull up my pants! :-D

* Our 10th wedding anniversary presents: we're not known for going extravagant. [I'm too cheap. :-P] This year, we went super symbolic & sentimental! When we left for NC, I left JB's present for him to find when he got home from work:
a Yankee Candle in "Pink Sands". We're not big candle people, but we honeymooned at Pink Sands on Harbour Island, part of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The candle people didn't grab a random Corbis image - the cover shot *IS* actually our Pink Sands, so I thought it was just perfect. :-) [Plus, in the name of formal tradition, the candle tumbler does have a tin top. ;-)] JB also surprised me: when we walked back into the house from NC, I was BOWLED OVER by the scent of flowers - he COVERED the kitchen in vases! ♥ ♥ ♥

* 2012 is FINALLY a year of renewed heath for our household! I've got my Zumba practice, JB is losing a bunch of weight, and we're all making healthier eating choices. It really *IS* easier when the entire household is on board. We eat out much less, (except when we have or are houseguests, b/c eating out is STILL our most fave fun social thing to enjoy with others :-)) and when we do, we all make better choices. It really has made a change in our bodies! I had two Chinese take-out egg rolls last night for the first time since December, and while they tasted amazing, my body felt completely craptacular afterwards. I'm not glad I felt ill, but it did prove what a difference we've made in general.

* Last Wednesday marked the 15th anniversary of my Dad passing away...

* Annelise's 6th birthday is this Wednesday! :-)

* Stay tuned, y'all... ;-)


  1. Wow! Looking forward to hearing the exciting news... and great job on the bicep! I can't believe you teach Zumba five days a week. That is totally impressive!

  2. Thanks!!! :-) And I can't wait to spill my guts. I am the antithesis of reticent!

  3. It was fun reading the updates on how y'all are doing - and I'm excited about hearing the news you're holding in!!

    I'm with you on the healthier eating journey. We are probably doing better in that area than we ever have before. We still have a ways to go, but we are choosing healthier foods and exercising more consistently.

    Have a great afternoon!

  4. I laughed at the "we're not pregnant" comment. Isn't it silly how if you *don't* share information, that is what everybody always assumes?

    I was like Annelise when I was a kid...I read books for the March of Dimes, and I plowed through them like mad. :)

    My Dear Husband likes to show off his bicep guns, but you didn't hear that from me. ;)

    We're not big on gift-giving either, and tend to do similar things that are high sentimentality/low cost. For our wedding anniversary, we go to Maggiano's, the Italian restaurant where we had our wedding reception, so it feels like we're reliving the experience when we go back to it. :)

    So happy to hear about you guys all doing so well on the wellness front! Since I started tracking what I was eating, I notice that "craptacular anti-climax" after eating junk too, and as I get older and wiser, I'm learning that it isn't worth it (or, at least doing it less frequently!). Garbage in --> garbage out! (that's a common enginerd acronym called GIGO, but I think it applies to health choices too!)

    I don't know about you, but I like to spend my mom's birthday/passing anniversary (and Mother's Day too...) doing things that remind me of her, or that would make her happy knowing I am doing them. I see it as a chance to honor her memory on those days that I'm really thinking about her.

  5. YES & WOO HOO to ALL of this! :-D


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