Pool Pleasure

We finally made the time to pick up our neighborhood pool key this morning, and look who took advantage of adult swim on one of the waterslides:
The water even is warm enough for me to enjoy! I think we'll be here every day now. :-P

This is just one of the water parks in our new neighborhood. :-) There are TEN pools - none of which *I* have to skim or clean! :-D JOY!!! - and two of those have big slides; one is a sandy beach, too, but we haven't checked that one out:

[The Beach Club - they also have free paddle boats to use on the lake around it! What?! :-D]

[The other pool with waterslides beside; this one's a saline pool.]

[The big water park pool, where we were today.]

Have I mentioned, yet, how much I love this neighborhood and living here? ;-)

I feel like our real summer vacay actually, finally started today. We're not saying goodbyes, traveling, or unpacking boxes. (OK - there are still TONS of boxes to unpack for the office/library & guest room; but I did the entire dining room & china cabinet yesterday, and the kids absolutely cannot be cooped up any longer without serious physical activity.)

This pool business is beyond ideal in every way. In GA, it was nice to walk out our back door to jump in (& not have to ride in a car w/ wet suits ;-)), but that pool was freezing and lonely. In MI, there were no lifeguards - you couldn't turn your eyes for a split second; and since there was also no splash area or zero depth entry, I couldn't relax there with a 4 & 5 year old at all. The last place we had lifeguards was IL, but that was when the kids were 3 & 4, so lifeguards or not didn't really matter; plus that was the coldest summer in Naperville history, so we wasted all that town pool membership money on maybe five visits.

The kids now being 6 & 7 [Will would protest, "But I'm 8 in three weeks!" :-)] makes all the difference in the world. They know what they can safely do on their own in the pool; one can be going down the waterslides while the other is in the splash park without me freaking over divided attention. They also don't whine about potty stuff or needing snacks every 30 minutes. It's fun going to the pool with self-sufficient little humans!!! I no longer feel like I'm packing for a safari to do so, either. :-P

As if this afternoon wasn't perfect enough, I had just given the final warning that we were about to leave when we heard the first clap of thunder. Amazing pool play + two hours of rumbling thunder at home = pure perfection.


  1. Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Your neighborhood has TEN pools?!? WHAT?!? WHAT?!? WHAT?!?!?!?!

  2. This is in your NEIGHBORHOOD? I saw the picture of you on the slide on fb, and I assumed it was at a waterpark in town. That is CRAZY! Hooray! Sounds like the neighborhood makes up for having to downsize a bit. :)

  3. Wow, how cool is that, that you have access to such awesome facilities nearby (and, like you said, the kids are a bit older so you can relax more there when you're with them)!!!

  4. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?! I haven't been home to blog, b/c we've been at the pools almost every weekday!!! We've gone to three different ones so far... :-) but we keep going back to this main water park.


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