School Spirit Bling

A few weeks ago, I scored last year's elementary school spirit shirts at the PTA clearance sale for $2 each - way more reasonable than the $12 standard one this year or the $22 bling version with rhinestones that Annelise asked for. With as often as we have moved, I quite honestly get sick of buying shirts for every team/group/function under the sun, just to have us move and then have them gather dust in the closet. (The only former team or school spirit shirt *ANY* of us have worn has been Will's Lee County Brewers; Will wears his.) Plus, being new here, I wasn't sure how often these elementary spirit shirts would actually get worn. Will wore his Lee County Primary shirt twice: field trip day in October & field day in April. And that's fine. But I'm also not buying the $22 bling shirt for two days! :-P

Turns out that this current elementary is FULL of spirit! (Yay, Texas!!! :-D) EVERY student sports their spirit wear often, and especially on spirit day - which is EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! So not only am I proud that my $2 "vintage" shirts will get a lot of wear, but I also told Annelise that (since she'll wear it so often) I would bling her shirt & matching hairbows myself:

I added the scatter across the top, globe accents, sparkle inside the letters, & a necklace for her koala. :-D
Will included here for "before & after" contrast [he was obviously so happy to pose *sigh* :-P]

So it's a win-win-win: cute bargain deal + tons of wear + a new friend for me! When I was at the PTA sale, a mom I'd talked to once before while walking to school & I began chatting. When I mentioned that I may bling the deal shirt myself, she went into her history of blinging costumes, and we instantly bonded over Swarovski. :-D Her daughter is also in 1st grade, and they also just moved here this year, so we made a bling date and did this together. I mean, really - how can you beat sparkles & new friends? :-)


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