My Dream Car: Lilly Jeep

Y'all - I have found my dream car...and no, I'm really *NOT* kidding. Look at what I saw in front of the grocery store:

Oh yeah, that's right: a monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Jeep!!!

Be still, my heart.

I have wanted a Wrangler, but I did absolutely agree that our beloved minivan was the right way to go when Annelise came on the scene. Plus, when we were living up in the frigid north, no way would I EVER consider a drafty convertible. (My first car was an '86 Mustang convertible - midnight blue, tan top.) I am the utter antithesis of a "car person" [ugh!] but I think that means when I actually *do* have any passion towards a vehicle, it needs to be taken as serious biz. :-D The only two cars I've ever professed actual adoration for are the BMW Z3 and the Jeep Wrangler. Now that I've seen this beauty in our actual neighborhood, I realize the choice is clear:

4-door Jeep Wrangler convertible (yes, I know the one pictured is *not*; I am designing my own BETTER version ;-)) with a Lilly print & khaki top (the print will be slightly less obnoxious with the soft top breaking up the pattern more; see, I've reeeeeally thought this out!) and my giant monogram on the spare.

I'm ready, Honey! Whenever the wheels fall off the van, I'll be waiting!!!


  1. hmmmhmmmm we have a jeep wrangler. Maybe I could get scott to get a monogram cover on the back for me? LOL

    LOVE that!


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