Will's First Election!

Will participated in his very first election yesterday: 3rd grade student council. (Annelise couldn't run; it's only for 2nd-5th grade.) Here's his straight-shooting speech. Could he be the first honest politician?

I love him saying, "if you want less homework, I can't DO that. Student council doesn't give us less or more homework." :-D

I am so proud of him doing this as the new kid & letting everyone know he wants to be their friend. :-) He also specifically wanted to wear a nice collared shirt, so he "would look like a gentleman." :-) There were two other boys running against him, (they vote for one boy & one girl) and one of the other boys is Will's "only & best friend in his class." Bless our precious son's amazing heart: he actually asked *TWICE* whom HE should vote for, his friend or himself? I could have burst. I assured him that yes, he should absolutely vote for himself, that it's not being mean to his friend. I still can't get over that he asked this twice...that it was laying on his heart that much... ♥ ♥ ♥

So what was the election outcome???

WILL WON!!!!! :-D First stop, 3rd grade student council...on the road to Washington D.C.? :-P (He always has liked making rules for other people. :-P ;-) :-D)