I am obsessed with fragrance. Scintillating, scrumptious scents. I talked with my friend, Emily, about this the other week. When it comes to perfume, I am NOT a big scent changer - smell is a very intense memory-maker for me, & I do not like switching it up. I've only ever had three signature scents - Curve by Liz Claiborne in college, Weekend by Burberry most of the last decade, and L L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani the past four years. I flipped out when I discovered L was discontinued; and although I can still get it on Amazon, and I have a little left, I've felt like I need to be ready to replace my signature. I found another scent I LOOOVE - Relax by Lollia - but it totally doesn't last on me. :'( I practically bathe in it (7 or 8 sprays!!!!) and it's still gone in an hour or two. It's sad how much this is bothering me lately... :-P Do I order more L off Amazon while I can still find it, or give up on both that & the truly-delightful-but-short-lived Relax and move on to something totally different? Coach Poppy Blossom caught me a Ulta the other day...

I really like fresh, crisp, clean, & fruity fragrances with soft floral heart notes and a warm finish. Here are the profiles of my former loves! :-D (It sounds like I'm being all :-P but seriously, I think your scent preferences can say a lot of beautiful things about your personality. :-))

Curve's profile -
Top Note: Peach, Cassis, Mandarin, Apricot
Middle Note: Lily Of The Valley, Freesia, Rose, Cyclamen
Base Note: Musk, Amber

Weekend's profile -
Top Note: Green sap, Mandarin, Aromatic Grassy notes
Middle Note: Blue Hyacinth, Iris, Nectarine, Peach Flower, Red Cyclamen, Wild Rose
Base Note: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

L L.A.M.B.'s profile -
Top Note: Green Notes, Violet, Water Hyacinth, White Freesia, Fresh Pear
Middle Note: Muguet, Jasmine, Rose, Sweet Pea, Orange Blossom
Base Note: Frangipani, Peach Skin, Heliotrope, Musks

So, I also made the mistake of going into Bath & Body Works the other day w/ another friend...when I didn't technically *need* anything. I've mentioned the kids' obsession with collecting B&BW PocketBac Hand Sanitizers...a collection obsession I do not dissuade...b/c I like smelling all their choices, too!!! :-P I found myself picking out five new ones to "suggest" Annelise chose next time we go together. Mmmmm, Fresh Picked Apricot. And how perfect is Sweet & Sassy for her? See, I can't stop myself.

I am also now utterly obsessed with the B&BW "limited edition" (so I have to buy it nowrightnow before it's gone forever, right?!) French Baguette candle. Holy fresh bread... Not any cloyingly sweet vanilla or fake frosting fragrance, just pure fresh bread. I've never smelled a candle like this before in my life.

I want it.


Problem? I NEVER remember to burn our candles. Ever. If I give into the allure of faux French Baguette, I have to promise myself I'll actually USE it! (Y'all, help me!)

I was also pleased as punch to find out they've brought back my ULTIMATE FAVE home fragrance EVER: Fresh Bamboo. The sales lady said it's back now for good, year-round (she BETTER know what she's talking about!) so I can't wait to have those Wallflowers back in our house this spring! (& by spring, I mean early February!!! :-)) I hope they really *are* still there after Christmas and that I don't regret not buying literally 24 of them right now... #firstworlddilemmas

Am I alone? Does anyone else get all giddy over scents? Do you have one signature perfume, or do you often change it up? What's your favorite B&BW fragrance & product? (Like I need to be further tempted, but I'm curious!)

Edited to add: guess who went back to hit the BOGO candle sale? :-P Mmmm, it smells like a bakery in here right now...


  1. I just want the old Pumpkin spice soap and candle back!!!!! So yummy!!! We rarely burn candles either. And look at all your shopping!

  2. My boys are obsessed with those hand sanitizers as well, lol! That is fine with me. I am not a extreme germaphob but close. I love the same smells as you. I call it fruity floral!! You would love Escada fragrances they are so good but don't last long. They have a original smell that is gross but I love all the fruity ones like Rockin Rio etc.. Check them out. Curve is a good one I have Burberry too. I have been into lotions lately. I bought a lemon leaf lotion from C.E.Bigelow that I love. Smells are so interesting. I still remember my moms Liz Claborne from when I was a kid.

  3. Oh, Jackie - YES!!! NOTHING will ever beat that plain, clean, original Perfect Pumpkin scent w/o any vanilla, pie flavors, etc. that make it sickly sweet. (And aren't you proud of me! :-P)

    Katie - Will is into the sanitizers, too! :-D And I LOVE the scent memory perfume gives: the first time I went abroad, I was a little homesick; I came across a gift shop with Paris perfume - my mom's signature scent then - and it made my heart so happy! :-) I did the same thing when I lived in Germany w/ JB - there's a perfumerie on every corner in every town, it seems; and every time I passed one, I'd go in and get a few Hugo testers, b/c they smelled like him. :-)

    I also (in looking for those perfume profiles & bottle pics online) discovered that my beloved Lilly Pulitzer has/had three fragrances, and "Beachy" has completely intrigued me!

  4. Yes!! First time I moved out of state...I was at work helping a customer. She smelled exactly like my Mom. Who had worn An estée Lauder private collection scent forever!! I hadn't seen my mom in over 6 months( who would have ever thought now as a real grown up its even less often) When this customer walked up to me I started to tear up. She wa so sweet and gave me the biggest hug!!!!

  5. Awwww! Yes! I love that!!!
    (But yeah - who would've ever thought we'd see our moms so infrequently as adults????)

  6. I think I need to try that French Baguette candle - though then I may be hungry all the time!!!

  7. I LOVE that candle, as you know. Makes me want to spread goat cheese all over a big piece of bread. LOL

    I am a once-scent type too. The only perfumes I like are by philosopy!


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