Gymnastics Comet & Texas Delight

Annelise got moved up to Comets level (two levels higher than she started in Sept!) today at gymnastics!!!

So proud of you, Peach Pie!!!

How did we celebrate? Mommy/Sissy dinner at the new Zoës Kitchen that just opened by our house! Mmmmmm... Texas has apparently turned me into a lucky charm: I actually won two free entrées through FB for the Zoёs grand opening! I'm so thankful for their yummy-and-still-healthy food, their amazing chocolate cake sample, and for all-I-can-drink free drinks (decaf hibiscus green tea!) in their Zoës sport cup from now until the end of April. Have I mentioned I love it here?

Oh, I also got ridiculously excited by all the blooming bluebonnets along the highway this afternoon! ♥

Dear Texas, I love that you are snow-free & warmer than any place I've ever lived - D.C., NC, Würzburg, WI, MI, ATL, IL, & even south GA. And to think, this time last year, I had NO IDEA how wonderful you are!!! I admit I even said, "Nope" when JB 1st mentioned you this week a year ago. Forgive me! I am now your biggest cheerleader! Love Always, Susie


  1. So glad you're loving Texas - and congratulations to your cute little gymnast!


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