First, we barbequed. Then we rodeoed. And now finally, we have carnivaled.

Let me be the first to say, I do NOT love carnivals. I do love festivals, but I despise carnivals where every ride costs 10+ tickets, all of which must be purchased at gouging prices. I can't stand it when nothing is included in general admission and even all of the food is ridiculous; I just don't enjoy amusement parks whose attractions aren't all-inclusive. But again, our RodeoHouston experience was blessed: our neighbors had hundreds of tickets their kids couldn't use up on their own, so they asked us all to go, so all four kids could ride together = awesome!!! And even better, there were also a few attractions around the livestock show (AGventure and Kids Country) that were free. :-)

Texas Pride! :-D That longhorn behind us was HUGE!!!
(Will isn't upset; he had just gotten accidentally poked in the eye :-P)

Eat like men...
(Bunny Ears Will, JB, & neighbor dad Chris)

Conquering our nerves re: heights (well, Will & I; Annelise isn't scared a bit!) on La Grand Wheel, the largest portable Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere!

Caramel apples in b/t rides with our neighbor friends!

I also ate my FIRST deep fried Milky Way bar there at the carnival (...& perhaps my last - it was fine, but not life-changing. Snickers were touted as the standard, but I had the 2nd part of my root canal this week & the thought of crunching down on a peanut (or *anything*) is TERRIFYING right now. :-P) However, they also had my ultimate fave food on earth - FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!! - and those were DIVINE! Absolutely worth every.single.calorie!!!

We carnivaled for over six hours! Overall verdict: surprising thumbs up. :-) I'm still not a fan of the high-ticket rides or my kids whining to play the impossible-to-win carnie games, but I loved that there were also some "free" things (AGventure and Kids Country) ...and that those were still big hits - esp. the Radio Disney stage with their putt-putt-to-win-free-posters game and their wild animal show.

Insider tips: the cleanest bathrooms with virtually non-existent lines are *UPSTAIRS* (up the escalators) in Reliant Center. Also, refill your cups/bottles at the water fountains in Reliant Center, instead of paying $4 per Dasani. :-D