Happiness is...

Happiness is...having the strength to hoof it up to the 4th floor of the parking deck & not caring that was the only spot b/c it's absolutely GORGEOUS & 80°F!

Happiness is...your boss bringing in free smoothie samples for everyone during the cool-down portion of your Zumba class on a silver platter. Literally: silver platter!

Happiness is...bobbing in the spa hot tub, followed by the eucalyptus steam room, followed by Moroccanoil shampoo & conditioner in the shower after Zumba.

Happiness is...samples at Trader Joe's (oh, dark chocolate-covered Powerberries!) & Costco that equal a full meal!

Happiness is...seeing the Judas trees, Bradford pears, etc., flowering and other trees about to leaf back out. (It's been SO LONG since their leaves blew off...in November! ;-) God bless Texas!!!) YAY, spring!

Happiness is...it being so warm I didn't need a jacket to walk to pick up the kids from school on this stunning, breezy, blue sky, 80°F afternoon!

Happiness is...having *just enough* pet stain cleaner left in the bottle to clean up a very rare dog accident AND the fact that b/c the bottle is YEARS old, it proves the rarity of said accidents. Bonus: me not falling into my usual crazed banshee rage over it. (I admit dog pee is a stretch on "greatness", but it could always be worse! :-D)

Happiness is...the fact that all these things (except for the silver platter smoothies & dog accident) are pretty NORMAL!!! It's honestly a pretty AVERAGE day! :-D And how great is it?! ♥


  1. What a wonderful day you had! Glad it's the type you get to enjoy often!!


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