Spring Break Backyard Bliss

Spring Break backyard bliss: Will & JB practice football, Annelise & I snuggle w/ Bonnie Blue on the hammock, Will joins us while JB grills dinner... ♥

Our Spring Break at home has been very low-key and productive, so far, since hitting the rodeo and carnival last weekend. We cleaned up the house Sunday & Monday, and I've still taught my Zumba classes both Monday & Thursday this week. On Tuesday, we took the kids to see Oz The Great and Powerful - fun! We didn't think it was scary, (and I was *terrified* of those monkeys when I was little! :-P) The only part Sis said made her jump a little was when one flying baboon popped up in close-up out of nowhere. The only parts Will said scared him...WERE THE KISSING!!!!!!! :-D

We've been planning some construction projects around here, too: after the kids cleaned the playroom & their rooms Monday, JB talked to them about shelves. He is a shelving virtuoso, so when the kids got excited, it was time to map & measure. Wednesday we hit both Lowes & Home Depot (even though we favor HD) in search of the best prices on wood, and construction will begin this weekend.

One other "special" thing still on tap: strawberry picking Saturday. They've been picking for over a month, so I hope there are still enough berries for us to enjoy! (They were picked out Tuesday, so no picking again until Saturday.)


  1. Oh, my - I was so scared of those monkeys when I was a kid, too! I didn't let my girls watch The Wizard of Oz until they were older because I thought it would scare them, too. Didn't bother my oldest, but my younger one usually asked to fast forward through that part. :)

  2. OMG...strawberry picking in March (or February)! I can only imagine! Sigh...


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