A Different Style Christmas Card

I was waffling on whether or not to do Christmas cards this year; our list is whittled down to 90 (!!!) - we only send to people who send to us, along with a few choice relations who aren't on FB - so it's an investment... But as soon as those holiday greetings started rolling into our mailbox, I just couldn't skip! :-P I wanted to do something different, though, so I piggy-backed on my sweet friend Shelley's idea from last year. When her card arrived, it really stood out - not b/c it was over the top, but b/c it was so straight to the point: a postcard with their pic on the front, a little note in the postcard writing area, and the cheaper postcard-rate stamp. BRILLIANT!!! (& I can't believe I actually remembered in time to do it this year! :-D) No stuffing or licking envelopes = joy to our world! :-D

A picture is the most important keepsake of Christmas cards for us, and this way, the family news doesn't get separated, lost, & forgotten, either! :-D (Nor is any extra waste generated. ;-))

I designed our annual card with Photoshop Elements (just like I do my digital scrapbook pages) and had them printed at Costco. I did have to glue our little updates on all the backs, but I included our return address at the very top of the update, so no extra return address label! It went quickly. :-) I was so pleased!

Mailing on Wednesday the 18th:

What does the card look like? You'll see closer to Christmas! I don't want to ruin the mailbox reveals... ;-)

Here are our last *NINE* (whoa...) YEARS:


  1. We talked about the postcard approach this year, but opted for big ones again because they were virtually free. I do love the postcards though and the simplicity. Can't wait to see it :-)


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