Ack! Back! Busy! But Happy!

We're back from our magical Thanksgiving week at Disney!!! Y'all, it was *WONDERFUL*...and I have so many pics & details I want to share - a complete trip recap, but it's almost overwhelming! I promise to get on it this week, but bear with me!!!

So far this week, I'm thankful for Zumba friends who made a point to say they missed my classes last week, for gas back under $3, for beloved 80°F again (even if only for 3 days), for JB baking me s'mores pizza that was ready as Annelise & I walked in the door from cheer dance practice Monday night, for the kids having NO homework to make up after missing two days last week for Disney, that I was on the ball enough to have Advent calendars (chocolate - $0.99 each at Trader Joe's) ready to go as soon as we got home Sunday night the 1st, that I scored happy Cyber Monday deals on things I needed to purchase anyway (free shipping = joy! :-)), for red velvet chocolate rooibos tea, for Yin yoga, for catch-up time with BFFs at Sbux, for being asked to sing this Sunday & given a special solo when I hadn't originally been scheduled...

...and that I finally got our Christmas tree up Tuesday! We *always* put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we can just flip the switch when we get back; but we never made time with the football playoffs & Disney prep.

I freaked for a few minutes when half the tree wouldn't light; but I was on a mission to do this RIGHT THEN, so I found two old light strings in our garage décor box = voilà!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear about your trip! The tree looks beautiful!!


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