Christmas Prep 2013 - Food, Music, & Santa!

Christmas Prep 2013

* Advent Calendars - ✓
Chocolate ones, 99¢ each at Trader Joe's :-)

* Try Eggnog - ✓
The kids had never tried it. I love it, but never drink it, b/c it goes down too fast, & for that much fat & calories, I'd rather eat more cookies = they last longer. ;-) I bought a small bottle for them to try in their boot mugs...and Will's verdict was swift: no, thank you. Annelise sipped hers for a while, but ultimately decided no. Guess who's drinking the rest of the bottle? I *knew* getting the smallest was the right move!

* Brookwood Open House & Christmas Pageant - ✓
The Brookwood Community is a God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for special needs adults with functional disabilities. My friend, Laura, works there and let me know about this event, where the citizens put on the sweetest Christmas pageant and then I was able to tour the entire campus. I was blessed beyond measure by my experience there at their holiday open house. Those precious people launched me into the Christmas spirit! "Tidings of comfort & joy!" (Mom, I can't wait to take you there: one of their biggest enterprises is horticulture! Read this!!!)

* Bake Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies - ✓
This is the ONLY recipe that I *must* have for it to "be Christmas". We've been making them for almost 30 years! They always get rave reviews at cookie exchanges & as teacher gifts, and they freeze beautifully after baking & cooling. They are really labor-intensive, but sooo worth it. ;-) This year I trusted Will & Annelise to roll the balls of dough and make their knuckle imprints for the cherries (huge step for this control freak! ;-)) while I did the cherries and the icing. I always double this recipe, and I rip my cherries in half, b/c the cherries I end up getting are always huge.

* School sing-along & Special Buddies get-together - ✓
Precious! I also have to say, there's no ridiculous "war on Christmas" at *our* public elementary school: the kids were taught & sang "Go Tell It On the Mountain", "Away in a Manger", "Silent Night", "Angels We Have Heard on High", and even "Children, Go Where I Send Thee"!!! They also sang "Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah" :-)

* JB's Company Christmas Party - ✗
It was supposed to be Friday night...but when JB texted Friday afternoon suggesting, "What if we skipped?" I didn't talk him out of it. :-/ I *HATE* missing a party (I don't get to go to many!) & I even shaved my legs for it! :-D :-P But I felt myself going downhill (sneeze-o-rama & nose-blowing like crazy!) by the minute, & I wouldn't be able to really dance, so this was better. Why can't I shake this mess? It's been over 3 weeks! I get *almost* better (or I just power through all my obligations) ...& then crash. Vicious cycle... But staying home Friday was smart: lovin' with my fantastic husband who made me soup, put my new LifeProof nüüd case on my phone, & caught up on "Homeland" with me. ♥

* Annual Santa Pic - ✓

Coming this week: gingerbread houses, Christmas cards, & wrapping awesome presents!


  1. Those cookies look delicious! Hope you're feeling all better soon!!

  2. I totally agree with you about choosing cookies over eggnog! I always say that I'd much rather eat my calories than drink them! :)

  3. Thanks, Tracey!

    Kellie - the crazy thing is, drinks are my FAVE treat (Sbux chai lattes, bubble tea, etc.) ...but those beverages also are not usually competing with Christmas cookies ;-)


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