Gelish + Silhouette: Monogram Pedicure and Monogrammed Top

Monogram-o-rama makes me happy!!! Y'all know I can't get enough...and now I have taken my monogram obsession to a whole new level. I have given myself a monogram pedicure.

Yes, I have! Proof positive:

How did I do this? I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my monogram out of vinyl (~1"?) I gave myself a standard Gelish polish job using "Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy" (a transparent iridescent shimmer - slightly more action than a clear coat, but not enough to compete with the hot pink monogram for this first foray ;-)) and stuck the vinyl monogram sticker on there right before the top coat, to sandwich it in. I am SO PLEASED with how this turned out & the overall technique. I might try other tiny designs for an accent nail, esp. for team spirit manis or pedis, in the future.

Y'all are privy to the first sneak peek...b/c no one else will see my toes until it warms up, again. Texas winter of last year, (i.e. 70°F!) where are you???

I've also been inundated with questions about my monogrammed pullover in the Disney pics:

My mom brought it as my early Christmas present! Can you imagine anything more perfect?!?!?! Aside from the fact that it was invaluable during the colder-than-we-prepared-for vacay, it is soooo *ME*! The fabric in the appliqué is my beloved Lilly Pulitzer in Dream Weaver:

She had it done at a monogram shop in Charlotte...and I've got to get another! :-D My new winter uniform! ;-) ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Love the monogrammed nail - so cool!!

  2. I was so excited that it actually worked! :-D

  3. HAHAHA, monogram-o-rama is right! Very creative! :)


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