Target is a Black Hole

We interrupt this Disney recap (ArrivalEpcotAnimal KingdomMagic Kingdom far!) to bring you the newsflash that Target is a black hole.

Earlier this week, I popped in for 1) JB's script, 2) gingerbread cookie dough, 3) scented markers. I came out w/ the script, 8 stocking stuffers, Christmas Goldfish crackers (big deal for the kids - I never buy them), a new pillow for me (b/c I won't admit how long I've had my current one & my neck *still* hurts in the morning from Space Mountain 2 weeks ago), underwear, navy tights, a blown glass yoga Christmas ornament (weird, I know; but our tree is like a scrapbook of our lives w/ all blown glass ornaments & I've gotten so into yoga this last year, it's my 2013 ornament :-)), and 3 tops + 3 pants for Will (b/c we discovered when the cold hit last week that he outgrew 80% of his winter wardrobe!!! The kid needed long sleeves!!! :-D) No, they didn't have gingerbread cookie dough or Mr. Sketch scented markers. I left technically 1 for 3...

FYI: the only place (I tried 5 others!) that had old school Mr. Sketch scented markers was...Walmart. *sigh* So help me, if Annelise leaves the lids off any of these suckers... Yay for making simple Christmas dreams come true...but pray for her, b/c her track record w/ markers is NOT GOOD. Santa is giving her another chance... :-P