Texas Is It! Photo Shoots

It's amazing how God brings people into your life - people who bless you SO MUCH while they say that you're the one blessing them! That's my friend, Angela. She met me initially by becoming a regular in one of my Zumba classes. :-) When I stopped teaching at that location, she was crushed (which really blessed my heart, b/c initially I hadn't wanted to leave them, either.) Whenever she'd see me taking another class there (yoga & barbell), she would go out of her way to run over, hug, & chat. One day she said, "I didn't know that you can sing!!! We've been visiting a new church for us, and this Sunday I was bowled over to see you up there!" So we bonded over our new church connection and ended up friending on FB. That week I typed a few things in German to my friends in W├╝rzburg...and Angela flipped out: she also speaks German, but not intimidatingly so ;-) - she has relatives in Germany that she talks to. More connections! She asked if we could meet for bubble tea one day, (twist my arm!!!) told me about her company, and asked if I would be interested in doing a photo shoot & being a model for some of their shirts. (Again, twist my arm!!! :-D I was flattered beyond belief!!!!!) I only have a few unedited, low res proofs from all the sessions, but:

We did one shoot last November:

And another last week:

And then these this week:

And she can't wait to do MORE! I guess I'm the face of Texas Is It! :-D Angela keeps going on and on and on, thanking me ad nauseam for doing this; I keep telling her I think this is SO MUCH FUN! She has made a secret dream of mine come true! :-D

[PS - See that bluebonnet field? Awww, yeah! You *KNOW* I am obsessed and totally dragged JB & the kids out there this weekend! Post of pics SOON!!!]


  1. What fun!! Love that field of bluebonnets!!

  2. That bluebonnet patch *IS* just gorgeous!!! Posting family bluebonnet pics tonight!!! :-)

  3. You look like a native Texan in those pics! :)


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