Fave Things: S'mores Pizza

Every once in a while, I feel the need to tell the world about random stuff I'm currently obsessing over. :-P I'm not in cahoots with any of these companies, just in love with the items. :-)

Today's edition: S'mores Pizza from Papa Murphy's. The best dessert pizza EVER!!! The dough is their standard pizza dough, so it's got a hint of salt to balance out the chocolate chips, marshmallows, & brown-sugar-oat crumble that melt together in gooey goodness. Papa Murphy's pizza is fresh "take and bake" at home, so you can bake it as done or as light as you prefer. (I'm a "light bake" fan. :-))


Out of the oven:

Pro tip: as much as you will want to chop this sucker up right way, if you can hold off until it cools just a bit, it will be WAAAAY LESS MESSY to cut!!! :-D (FWIW, their thin crust "delite" regular pizzas are amazing, too. We bake the delite, then the s'mores, and by the time we're totally done with the delite, we can cut the s'mores. ;-))