Off My Wall: Week in Review

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* I finished a big project last Sunday that I'd had on the back burner for 3 months...but the relief level wasn't as huge as I had anticipated. Do you ever have moments feel unexpectedly anticlimactic like that?

* Annelise had a CAVITY-FREE dental cleaning on Tuesday! :-O STUNNED! Overjoyed...but stunned!

* Guess where I got to go Wednesday? (Hint: I was just there for a radiator.) :-/ Now it's the brakes' turn. *sigh* At least it wasn't raining or as cold as Tuesday, and the shop is right across from school, so I could just walk over to volunteer for Will's Eureka science program. That WAS happy. :-)

* Since JB worked part of Thursday from home to be able to come to Annelise's musical, we also got to go out for a lunch date! We went for phở (pronounced "fuh") at the newest Vietnamese bistro here. DIVINE!
Phở is the most soothing, delicious noodle soup. I've been battling some type of allergy thing for a week, and phở truly has healing properties, (much like American chicken noodle. :-)) Give it a try - it's not exotic or scary at all, just very flavorful both, rice noodles, & thin slices of whatever protein you'd like.

* Friday, I survived what I HOPE is my LAST dental work of 2014! It involved a laser soldering my gum tissue... Yeah, let's pray for no more of that. :-P

* Friday night = date night!!! I had a giant Mexican vanilla milkshake & big order of French fries GUILT-FREE, b/c my mouth hurt! (& I went to barbell that morning. ;-))

* Do you ever get obsessed with a song whose lyrics you DON'T like? (I usually only listen to Air1 when I'm driving, but somehow I still seem to find out what's in the regular Top 40, and being a musically-inclined chica, one listen can get it stuck in my head. :-D) I have two of those songs right now: "Say Something" by A Great Big World is utterly heart-wrenching, and I'm not thrilled by the player "Young Girls" lyrics by Bruno Mars...but I LOVELOVELOVE both tunes. The swells, the musical progression... J'adore!!!

* Saturday, we had a rare weekend football practice. Spring 7on7 League is BACK! It felt SOOO GOOD to have our family out there together, again! We even brought Bonnie Blue Beagle for the first & last ;-) time. (She just barked too much when she had to stay on the sidelines away from JB. :-D)

* Sooo happy to sing in church Sunday morning...even though it was "Spring Forward Sunday", so my already-hating-to-get-up-early-self was up a whole hour earlier. :-P This was probably the ONLY thing I wouldn't complain about that hour for. ;-)

* Do you love or hate the time change? I've always HATED springing forward; I feel weird that my kids are already going to have to start getting ready for bed while it's still light out, (although it being Spring Break this week helps - I don't mind them staying up a bit later; but current sunset time is 7:30 PM) and I did NOT enjoy it being pitch black on the drive into sing Sunday morning, (current sunrise: 7:40 AM). I have, however, found something I LIKE about it: it stays light past 6:30 PM, so football practice can easily go until 7! YAY!!!

* Annelise has decided she loves sushi! I am SO PROUD of her!!! (Now if only I loved it. :-/ I try often; it's just not my thing.) I'm now the lone hibachi-over-sushi hold-out in our house. :-P For me, the problem is more the tiny bit of rice wine vinegar in the sushi rice. I love rice, I love vinegar, I love sweet & sour rice dishes; but for some reason, the sushi rice prep makes me gag.

* HA! Yes, THIS: 17 Things You Learn From Growing Up In The South

* Also, YES, THIS: 6 Things Every Extrovert Secretly Has To Deal With (Every single one of these is ABSOLUTELY me.)


  1. Those two articles are great! Yes, I've had some of those same extrovert "issues".

    Chicken noodle soup (and matzo soup) are referred to as "Jewish penicillin". :)


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