Friday, January 23, 2015


Yes, this title deserves all caps! WE SEWED A SKIRT! ANNELISE & I MADE LEGIT CLOTHING!!! We even hemmed it beautifully! Stunned. And BURSTING with pride!!! I've never machine-sewn anything before, and she has only made pillows + drawstring bags. It was all her idea: she found this tutorial, and we worked through it together.

(I love the pics with her laughing so much more than frozen poses, too.)

Sewing has always fascinated...and intimidated me, and I absolutely LOVE that Annelise is encouraging me to be brave and explore it with her!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Will's 1st Game Basket

Will's basketball team lost last Saturday night...but he was AWESOME!!! He scored his 1st basket in a game and earned both Top Steals & Top Rebounder certificates!!!

Basket & block clip:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Basic Quinoa Pizza Bites

JB found a very basic recipe for Quinoa Pizza Bites last week, and it's a WINNER!!! (There are literally hundreds of posts & pins for these - we're not reinventing the wheel here, just sharing that we made it & LOVED THEM! :-D) Nutritious, full of whole grain fiber & protein, & so yummy.

Our recipe called for pepperoni; we didn't have any, but we did have salami, so we used 1 cup of that instead, and it was perfect! I'd prefer it for sure, (not a pepperoni fan.) Our recipe also didn't call for adding marinara sauce into the mix, (just for dipping afterwards,) but most other recipes I've seen *do*, and I also think that would be DELISH! This recipe is just like real pizza: add whatever toppings & seasonings you like - basil, cherry tomatoes, olives, whatever.

Basic Gluten-Free Quinoa Pizza Bites Recipe:

•2 cups cooked quinoa
•2 eggs
•1 tsp onion powder
•1 tsp garlic (minced or paste)
•1 cup pepperoni
•1 cup mozzarella cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Combine all ingredients
3. Grease 2 mini muffin pans and place 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixture into each cavity
4. Press down to compact the mixture and remove any air
5. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the edges are golden brown and cooked through
6. Remove from the muffin tin and serve with marinara dipping sauce
7. Makes 24 mini pizza bites

[Photo Credit...b/c we ate all of ours too fast!]

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mid-January Catch-Up

January is always an odd time for blogging. There's a lot going on...but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem super exciting, blogworthy ...or we're waiting on confirmation to be able to share.

* I've poured HOURS into choosing an updated design, hammering out details, & securing a vendor for our youth football league's NEW cheer uniforms! A new look for the first time in a decade = looong overdue, y'al!!! :-D But since my blog isn't set to private, I can't share details until the final contract is signed. My goals were: colorful, good coverage, as little white as possible (our old design for *EVERY* team had a white top & colored skirt; who thinks it's a good idea to give little girls out on dirty fields with nasty halftime & post-game snacks WHITE TOPS?! #laundrynightmare), boyshort-style briefs (we've previously had bloomers cut like large underwear - ick; these are like the biker shorts Annelise wears under all her dresses), and metallic (yay, sparkle!!!) poms! I'm really excited & proud of what I (along with one of my cheer moms, who stepped up to join Cheer Committee to take over uniforms!) have chosen. Pics soon...

* The election for VP of Cheer (the position I'm running for, to take over ALL of cheer) is Thursday, January 29th. Pray that I relax instead of churn over it. The person running against me has been here much longer...but is very unreliable & condescending; it's so important to me that our cheer program gets a POSITIVE, proactive attitude. Just pray for God's will.

* LOVE this shot another mom got of Will last week at basketball! (This week's game post soon...)

* JB & I had a date night Friday to see American Sniper. Bradley Cooper is outstanding - he is 100% believable every moment. You truly believe he is Chris. I didn't cry until the credits...

* I'm sad: a close friend of mine here (before we even arrived! my old ATL neighbor was her friend & when we both announced we were moving to the same TX town the same month, she connected us ahead of time on FB! :-)) is moving to Florida - her husband has been transferred. I'm not used to being left. *I'm* always the one leaving & moving on. This is an odd new sensation in my life... But I guess it will be my new normal, since we are NOT moving away from here for at least several decades...if ever! :-D

* I was so happy to sing in church this morning. I got to sing two light & soft featured parts - very different from my usual belt-it-out, super loud singing assignments. Tender moments of praise... :-)

* We have the Information Night this Tuesday evening for incoming JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL parents!!! I'm not crying or freaked out over Will being old enough to go to Junior High this fall - it's just...weird. Not sad (yet! ;-)) and not unbelievable - I love watching him grow! - but yeah. Just...weird.

* I attended a department-wide meeting with our new boss at my gym this weekend. (Remember how sad I was my last boss was leaving...and nervous for who would take over?) She's very excited to make changes (thankfully, I have a lot of grace & current perspective re: this, knowing the changes I hope to implement immediately, if I get elected VP of Cheer) so I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by all she wants from us.

* The final planning meeting for the Bible Study I'm going to help lead is this Tuesday. Pray that God blesses this and that He makes clear what He wants me to share.

* I taught two Junior Achievement sessions to Annelise's class last week, (one on how banks help businesses & people achieve their economic goals, the other on how to become an entrepreneur by exploring the process involved in starting one type of business - a restaurant,) and I teach my final one this Tuesday.

OK, so typing all this out, I'm realizing how much I really *do* have on my plate right now!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Basketball Opener

Will played his first basketball game today:

His team lost, but they *did* hustle. You can tell Will's DEFINITELY coming to this from football - if they would've counted fouls (they don't at this level ;-)) he would've fouled out fast. :-D But I loved that he wasn't hesitant to get in the mix! The quick pace was pretty exciting, and in winter (just for Jan-Feb), I'm thankful for an indoor sport. ;-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jump into 2015

Are you ready to JUMP into 2015?! :-)

I'm not a big goal-maker. I actually feel very anxious about making New Year's resolutions or proclamations any time of year, for that matter, about what I want to achieve...precisely b/c I am such a perfectionist control freak. If I put it out there, I pressure myself to accomplish it faster than originally stated, and if - by some horror - I didn't attain a goal, I would be crushed & mortified, (b/c why would I announce it as an actual goal, if its success were optional? :-P) Most of my best personal growth comes instead via quietly "let's see how this goes for now..." I gave up all soda (I used to *NEVER* be without a can of diet Coke!!!) 2 1/2 years ago (*omigosh*!!! didn't realize it had been so long!!!) by deciding one day at a restaurant, "I'm going to order water instead, and see if I can be ok with that." Then I decided not to buy any more coke at the store; maybe I would just have it out, if I needed it. But I kept choosing water. & I didn't have another coke after that. Had I made a public proclamation that "This day, I will quit Coke!" all I would've done was crave it. :-P It's just me.

My personal psychoanalysis aside ;-), I do enjoy an excuse to make amendments, press reset on habits & routines, (esp. when that reset isn't forced by moving to a new state :-P) and find new challenges. In 2015, I'm running to take over our entire youth football league cheer program; the election is at the very end of January. This would be huge. HUGE...

I've also been asked to lead a Life University class through our church! I used to run my MOPS group when the kids were babies-preschoolers, but this will be the very first Bible study I've ever led. We'll be using Pete Wilson's Let Hope In, and I'll also be choosing a couple songs each week for a worship element - I'm going to use Then Sings My Soul as that resource.

Casually on my radar for 2015: recipes. I see recipes that "I'd like to try" all the time. I file them away (in a folder I rarely open) ...and usually never think of them, again. I want to actually try a few, instead of deciding "not to bother putting the $ & work in when probably no one but me will eat it." :-P (But not often, b/c it probably *will* be just me eating ALLLLL of it.)

Clothes. I lost a lot of weight 2012-2013, and despite a winter flux (I fully believe my body packs on extra fat in the winter, b/c I am sooo cold all the time; it's literally a biological survival mechanism) I have maintained the loss...which means my closet is full of clothes that are up to 8 or 10 sizes too big now. And b/c I always hoped to get back down after having kids, I also have new old clothes I can actually wear, again. :-D I would like to be a little more ruthless in there with items to give away.

OH!!! And I would LOOOVE to *finally* figure out what to do about making a t-shirt blanket out of all my special college & beyond tees that I don't ever want to wear, but would never give away. (It can't be all squares, though, b/c some shirts just have a pocket logo I want preserved; some, long rectangles across the chest; others have huge designs; my shirt pieces will all be different sizes, so the typical squares do not fit my vision. I want more this. This. This?)

Good luck in your 2015 endeavors, big & small, and keep me posted!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick San Antonio Eats

We made a quick pop over from Houston to show my parents San Antonio on New Year's Day. The weather was absolutely dismal (rainy & hardly 40°F! Whaaaaaat, Texas?!?!) so we didn't get to truly enjoy the River Walk & Historic Market Square like last year with JB's parents...but we still ate well! :-D

We *had* to go to the sparkliest, kitschiest, most festively decorated TexMex restaurant on earth - Mi Tierra:
Annelise & I savored our creamy, cinnamony Mexican hot chocolates! Mmmmmmm...

Requisite pilgrimage to the Alamo:

"Man vs. Food" massive cinnamon roll challenge accepted!!! Happy healthy new year! ...Wait, what? :-P ;-)
We first saw these on the San Antonio episode of "Man vs. Food" at a diner called Lulu’s, famous for its chicken-fried steaks & three-pound cinnamon rolls. The rolls are made from a piece of dough that is SIX FEET LONG, rolled up like a burrito with cinnamon & sugar! We got through over 2/3rds of it...with six people. :-D We waited five extra minutes for the freshest right out of the oven = heaven!!! The BEST part (center!) came home with me. ;-)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's 2014 to 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 was another wonderful year here in Texas. As I read back over my "How 2013 Changed Me" post from last year, I'm left nodding my head. 2014 was another year of blessed stability, of greater responsibility in our youth football league, of continued confidence in where we are & what we're doing. After so many years of always having exit strategies for every leadership position I assumed, (with each move, we'd be gone in ~3 weeks; I was always prepped to pass my torch) it's taken this long to finally relax into no longer needing that on my radar.

And it feels amazing to be able to celebrate with friends that I've lived in town with for more than just a year or so...
Can you believe all these fancy girls (& their brothers!) made it past midnight?!?! :-D

I cannot wait to see what God will do in 2015...