Mid-January Catch-Up

January is always an odd time for blogging. There's a lot going on...but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem super exciting, blogworthy ...or we're waiting on confirmation to be able to share.

* I've poured HOURS into choosing an updated design, hammering out details, & securing a vendor for our youth football league's NEW cheer uniforms! A new look for the first time in a decade = looong overdue, y'al!!! :-D But since my blog isn't set to private, I can't share details until the final contract is signed. My goals were: colorful, good coverage, as little white as possible (our old design for *EVERY* team had a white top & colored skirt; who thinks it's a good idea to give little girls out on dirty fields with nasty halftime & post-game snacks WHITE TOPS?! #laundrynightmare), boyshort-style briefs (we've previously had bloomers cut like large underwear - ick; these are like the biker shorts Annelise wears under all her dresses), and metallic (yay, sparkle!!!) poms! I'm really excited & proud of what I (along with one of my cheer moms, who stepped up to join Cheer Committee to take over uniforms!) have chosen. Pics soon...

* The election for VP of Cheer (the position I'm running for, to take over ALL of cheer) is Thursday, January 29th. Pray that I relax instead of churn over it. The person running against me has been here much longer...but is very unreliable & condescending; it's so important to me that our cheer program gets a POSITIVE, proactive attitude. Just pray for God's will.

* LOVE this shot another mom got of Will last week at basketball! (This week's game post soon...)

* JB & I had a date night Friday to see American Sniper. Bradley Cooper is outstanding - he is 100% believable every moment. You truly believe he is Chris. I didn't cry until the credits...

* I'm sad: a close friend of mine here (before we even arrived! my old ATL neighbor was her friend & when we both announced we were moving to the same TX town the same month, she connected us ahead of time on FB! :-)) is moving to Florida - her husband has been transferred. I'm not used to being left. *I'm* always the one leaving & moving on. This is an odd new sensation in my life... But I guess it will be my new normal, since we are NOT moving away from here for at least several decades...if ever! :-D

* I was so happy to sing in church this morning. I got to sing two light & soft featured parts - very different from my usual belt-it-out, super loud singing assignments. Tender moments of praise... :-)

* We have the Information Night this Tuesday evening for incoming JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL parents!!! I'm not crying or freaked out over Will being old enough to go to Junior High this fall - it's just...weird. Not sad (yet! ;-)) and not unbelievable - I love watching him grow! - but yeah. Just...weird.

* I attended a department-wide meeting with our new boss at my gym this weekend. (Remember how sad I was my last boss was leaving...and nervous for who would take over?) She's very excited to make changes (thankfully, I have a lot of grace & current perspective re: this, knowing the changes I hope to implement immediately, if I get elected VP of Cheer) so I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by all she wants from us.

* The final planning meeting for the Bible Study I'm going to help lead is this Tuesday. Pray that God blesses this and that He makes clear what He wants me to share.

* I taught two Junior Achievement sessions to Annelise's class last week, (one on how banks help businesses & people achieve their economic goals, the other on how to become an entrepreneur by exploring the process involved in starting one type of business - a restaurant,) and I teach my final one this Tuesday.

OK, so typing all this out, I'm realizing how much I really *do* have on my plate right now!


  1. Yes - you are busy!!! I know what you mean about feeling "weird" about your kids moving into new stages - like my younger daughter will officially move into the youth group at church in a few months....hard to believe that's happening with my youngest!!

  2. You truly are a remarkable person. I don't know how you do it all. I am tired just reading about the Zumba and the Cheer. I have a abnormal amount of energy but yours is amazing. I still want to meet up sometime.

  3. You're right, Tracey - there's just no other way to put it. It's WEIRD! :-P

    Katie, you are SOOO SWEET to say that!!! And *YES*!!!!!!! I would lovelovelove to get together, too!!!!!!! <3


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