Yes, this title deserves all caps! WE SEWED A SKIRT! ANNELISE & I MADE LEGIT CLOTHING!!! We even hemmed it beautifully! Stunned. And BURSTING with pride!!! I've never machine-sewn anything before, and she has only made pillows + drawstring bags. It was all her idea: she found this tutorial, and we worked through it together.

(I love the pics with her laughing so much more than frozen poses, too.)

Sewing has always fascinated...and intimidated me, and I absolutely LOVE that Annelise is encouraging me to be brave and explore it with her!


  1. Yay for you and Annelise!!! I'm hoping to have a friend of mine work with my 12-year-old as she wants to learn to machine sew, too!

  2. Keep me posted on what she learns & makes!!! (I still keep looking in disbelief that we actually made this! :-D)

  3. How cute! And exciting! Do you think you'll sew anything else?

  4. THANKS!!!
    And absolutely, Nikki! I'm not sure what or when, but now I feel like we can really do this and learn & do so much more! :-)


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