Blake Family Scrapbook ~ Jul 2016 - Dec 2017

I purposely haven’t been online much, beyond posting for my fitness classes & curfewing myself to quick 5 min FB catch-ups. I got serious last week about catching up on digital scrapbooking: I was a full year & a half behind from when my laptop crashed and *thisclose* to just letting it go...until the kids pulled out our old books, pouring over the memories & saying how glad they were to have them. #mommotivationinitiated

111 pages & our 6th family book DONE!

Here are my first five family books: Sept 2008-Oct 2010, Nov 2010-Jun 2012, July 2012 - Nov 2013, Nov 2013 - Jan 2015, and Feb 2015 - Jun 2016.

[How do I digiscap? Tutorial!]

Yes, I used another Lilly print for the cover, Bright Navy Tipping Point. Ooo, speaking of Lilly, their biannual sale was this week!!! And thanks to my *favorite* annual Christmas gift EVER from JB’s parents, I had a gift card for it!
Super excited for all the PURPLE!!!

Other highlights while I was working: Annelise made AMAZING English muffins from scratch one day:
I cleaned out my DVR, the movie Race was fantastic, and I finished season one of The Crown.

Stay tuned for a New Year’s recap, and send the kids positive, winning attitude prayers for this weekend: Will’s 1st basketball game & Annelise’s two-day mini nationals cheer comp in Galveston!


  1. I know it's a great feeling to get that scrapbook done!!! Great job on the English muffins, Annelise - they're beautiful!! Hope all goes super well for both kids this weekend!!!


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