Blake Family Scrapbook ~ July 2012 - Nov 2013

So, I actually finished this 3rd family scrapbook back last December on my laptop in the car on the drive home from Disney!!! [How do I digiscap? Tutorial!] BUT I was waiting to publish for *3* super cute group pics from Halloween from one of my friends to add to that single page; and then - to be honest - I kind of slacked on digiscrapping. Instead of keeping up with my pages right as events happened, I would do nothing for ~3 months...and then digiscrap 18 to 23 pages all at once. (Hey, at least I didn't quit! ;-)) In May, I remembered to remind my friend about those Halloween pics, finally finished that last page, and then set about waiting for the *BEST* Shutterfly photo book deal. (It's not like publication was an urgent matter. :-D) It came this week: 50% off + free shipping!!! My huge, 12x12, 93-page hardcover custom book = less than $100. I'm also extra excited, b/c I thought to use a Lilly print for the cover - and not just any print, but the Lilly "Fresh Cut" Texas bluebonnet print that was released right when we moved here, which is exactly when this scrapbook begins.
Here are my first two family books: Sept 2008-Oct 2010 and Nov 2010-Jun 2012.