Blake Family Scrapbook ~ Feb 2015 - Jun 2016

I took a cheer break to take advantage of 50% off Shutterfly photo books, finished our 5th family digital scrapbook, and got it ordered! *huge sigh of relief* This one runs from February 2015 through the end of this June 2016, coming back from NC:

[How do I digiscap? Tutorial!] Yes, I used another Lilly print for the cover, Iris Blue Shrimply Chic - it may be my fave Lilly print of all time. EVER. It's even my iPhone background.

Here are my first four family books:Sept 2008-Oct 2010, Nov 2010-Jun 2012, July 2012 - Nov 2013, and Nov 2013 - Jan 2015.


  1. How fun to flip through your book! I need to try one of these myself!!

  2. I really love having them! Every once in a while I think, "Eh, should I keep doing these?" ...And then Will or Annelise will pull several out and gush over the memories, so OF COURSE, I keep going! :-D


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