Cheer Camp 2015

Cheer is back in FULL SWING! (Obviously, since I'm MIA online. :-D) Practice began two weeks ago:

I ran Cheer Camp with my Cheer Committee on Saturday, August 8th for all 300+ of our registered cheerleaders!!! We taught them cheer basics (voice projection, warm-ups, arms, jumps, a low stunt), our 2015 Hello Cheer, and our Opening Ceremonies Dance over two separate age group sessions, from 8 AM - 5 PM.

This little Seahawks girl made my day!!! Her mom came up and said, "My daughter is absolutely starstruck!" [Huh? Over whom?] "She could barely concentrate! When she saw you onstage, she flipped out, ran over to me, and said, 'THAT'S THE LADY ON TV!!!!!!' b/c we watch your YouTube cheer channel on our big TV all the time for her to practice." Y'all - I have a groupie!!! :-D She & her BFF asked if they could please take a pic with me. I mean, my heart could barely take it:

My fave pic of my squad:

Silly Falcons:

Sweet Falcons:

Our Cheer Camp school supply drive in conjunction with Operation Backpack was SUCH a success! When my friend, Wendy, went to deliver the haul, she overflowed their holding area!!! These are just a few of the 300+ girls at the end of the day:

My Cheer Committee BFFs & I were WORN OUT...but oh, so pleased!

And then JB & I threw Will's 11th bday party the very next day...


  1. Looks like cheer camp was lots of fun!! So glad you're willing to use your talents in this way!

  2. You hit the nail on the head!!! I am SO THANKFUL God is letting me use my talents like this!!! It is SO incredibly fulfilling!!! Even the exhausting, overworked days. Even the days I'm drowning in complaining coaches & parents. I feel like God is equipping me to do this RIGHT!!!


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