Getting Schedules + Meet the Teacher

The kids both had their school previews this week.

Will got his JUNIOR HIGH schedule on Wednesday, the 19th. Junior High, y'all! We walked the path to all his classes and figured out his locker for Monday. He has a cake walk schedule to begin his day: he starts at 7:30 AM with Boy's Choir (all students must have a fine arts elective, & he chose choir! JOY!!!), followed by PE, then Pre-AP Math (his fave subject), Advisory (a little study hall period), and LUNCH! The 2nd half of the day, he has to buckle down: Reading, English, Social Studies, & Pre-AP Science, ending at 2:35 PM.

Working his locker combination caused MUCH initial consternation...but I wouldn't let him leave until he felt confident about it!

What are the chances that out of hundreds of 6th graders, Will's locker is RIGHT BESIDE his buddy, Tyler?!?!

Will is a BEAR for 6th grade! (Although he says he'll always be a Falcon 1st! ;-)) You can't play Junior High sports until 7th grade, so this is his "senior year" in our youth league as a Falcon.

Annelise is now our oldest at our same beloved elementary school. It feels weird to have her be the *only* Blake there! She's thrilled, though: she discovered she has 2 BFFs in her 4th grade class this year at Meet the Teacher Thursday night:


  1. Looks like they're set for a great school year! Hope the first day goes well!

  2. Looks like the start to a great year for your children!

  3. I'm secretly excited about middle school for Abby, but I reserve the right to be a basket case in about 9 years when Jeb starts. Good luck to Will this year!

  4. FULL first day report posting tomorrow morning!!! :-D It's GOOD!!!


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