Basketball Update

Will's basketball Longhorns are STILL UNDEFEATED!!! They're 4-0 (5-0, if you count preseason!) They won 29-16 on January 28th. (It was 17-3 at the half, so they had to back off!) Here's video of our little showboat! :-P

(Honestly, he's sooo embarrassed he did the hand!!! He was just so excited - he didn't think it was going in, and it's not like he's a leading scorer.)

He *did* score twice the next game on February 4th! They won that one 30-18, but it was WAY closer: we were down 8-9 at the half & only up 17-13 at the start of the 4th. (Apparently, we were on FIRE 4th quarter!) I don't have any pics - Annelise & I were in San Antonio for a big cheer competition weekend! (Dedicated post coming tomorrow...)


  1. Yay for Will and his team!! I'm very sad that our basketball seasons are winding down. My 8th grader had her final game last night. My 10th grader has a quarterfinal game tomorrow night - win, they go to State, lose, they're done. Hoping we get to move on!!!

  2. Will's team is doing great! Wonderful!

  3. I prayed for your 10th grader tonight, Tracey!!! I can't wait to hear!!!

    Thanks, Nikki!!!


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